DCCA Passion Master Interconnect

I recently purchased a DCCA 2010 Passion Gold Master XLR Interconnect from Don, and found it a great cable for my system. Wonder if anyone have tried the DCCA IC cable?
Am I the only one bought the DCCA IC?

In my tube based systems, it is very neutral, detail, dynamic and articulate with a huge sound stage. Not as warm as the Cardas Golden Reference and Acoustic Zen, but overall a better fit in my system. Any feedback?
Bryantho, many of my customers are not on the forums much or don't seem to post on the forums that often. You are not the only one. The 2010 Passion Masters are most enjoyable. Glad you find the sound pleasing.

I purchased a pair of Don's older Eminence ICs. They are special, with the qualities Bryantho described.
I picked up Bryant's Passion Masters. They are indeed most enjoyable. Musical & refined.