DCCA or Shunyata help?

I've realized quite a nice increase in detail after installing some NOS tubes in my 300b integrated amp. Now, I've kind of got it in my head that this improvement has revealed a need to upgrade power cords. I'm currently using an older Shunyata Taipan and am looking hard at a DCCA Eminence PC. Any shared experiences and thoughts on these products will be appreciated. Also, I'm more than willing to hear that I should stay put.
I had the older version of the Eminence Power cable and it was excellent. I used it on both Solid state and tube power amps and made an significant sonic improvement. I can only imagine the newer model/version sounding even better.
I had a Taipan Alpha version sometime ago and while its a good powercord, the Helix is miles ahead of it. The older model Taipans have too much glare or upper mid energy for my taste. I also had a DCCA Extreme Ref and it was a decent powercord, there was something about it that made me want to sell it. Don's newer cords are better I am sure but you might want to consider stepping up the line on both of those cords you have.
Thanks guys. Do you have any suggestions Sam? I'm looking for a cable that's very accurate from top to bottom. Neutral but not dry. I'd like the music to come out of the blackest background possible but without loss of detail.
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I'm looking for a cable that's very accurate from top to bottom. Neutral but not dry. I'd like the music to come out of the blackest background possible but without loss of detail.
BMI Hammerhead MK3 or MK4.
I would like to say the Eminence goes far beyond anything I have made to date....nothing comes close too it's performance at DCCA. I have been working on the idea of this design for quite some time now...it was a matter of actually being able to construct the Eminence. It's not exactly cheap....that is due to materials used and the intensive labor process involved to create one. Basically this is like purchasing five power cords in one. The performance of such a product will rank among the best audio products of our time. Maybe some of the other Eminence owners will jump in and give their perspective of the sound performance and value of such a product. I feel I have finally made a world class product! Don DCCA
How much do you want to spend? I would buy used but Don is chiming in here so I would talk to him and I don't think he would steer you wrong. I have not heard his latest powercords so can't comment on their sound.
I was initially looking to spend about $1000. Sam, but it's not a hard target. It's just the point where any expenditure beyond, will have to result in an audio epiphany like experience relative to any lesser expenditure.
Don makes good power cables,very nice guy.
+1 on both Don and his cords, nothing but terrific experiences for me over the past few years with DCCA...I cannot comment on differences with Shunyata, no experience with them.
Sorry that I have come late to this party. I feel that I need to comment on DCCA’s wonderful new Eminence power cords.

To give a little background, I have owned many different power cords along my 40 year journey in this wonderful hobby including a number of Shunyata’s (original King Cobra, Python Alpha red version and the Taipan). The King Cobra was far and away the best of the bunch but not anywhere near the equal of the DCCA eminence. The Taipan was the weakest of the bunch as to my ears it sounded thin, devoid of warmth and ultra detailed. I also have owned a number of Don’s previous creations including some of his very early and beastly thick and cumbersome versions as well as the reference master and power master cords of a few years ago. Far and away the Eminence IMO is the very best that he has ever created and not by a small margin.

I love a dense rich sound with texture and a touch on the warm side. I also like plenty of detail with natural sounding air and dimensionality around vocals and instruments. I would guess that many on these forums would comment that it isn’t possible to have all of these qualities in one product. I am here to tell you that it is possible as Don’s newest creation has done just that for my system. Perhaps it is the fact that this pc is a hybrid of sorts using both copper foils and traditional wiring. I don’t know for certain what has gone into the creation of this cord but my ears tell me that it is something very special. In fact, I have invested considerable money into the purchase of four of these beauties.

If you want a power cord that will add bass without bloat to your system then this is the power cord for you. If you want a power cord that enlarges your current soundstaging and adds detail without distress to the ears then this is the pc for you. If you want a power cord that will envelop you in a big warm glow of natural and easy sound then this is the pc for you.

I really am not a person who is prone to hyperbole but using the new DCCA Eminence has really transformed my system into something very special. Please believe me when I say that I have looked a damn long time to finally find a power cord that does it all….well at least for me it does!!
Thanks Scifi for the great review. For the "magic" to appear, did u use just one dcca eminence pc or use eminence pc for all your equipment? It's an important question because each eminence pc is about $1,000. Where did you use the eminence pc? power conditioner, source or amp? Please share with us.
I have tried out a DCCA DCCA Reference Master. I used it on my intergrated amp. I could not hear any improvements to the sound. To be more clear I did not hear any change over the stock powercord. I also used it on my DAC and CD transport where I didn't hear any changes over the stock cables as well. Next I tried some NBS powercables. On my integrated amp the did nothing as well but on DAC and transport they clearly improved the sound. My funds are very limited so I ended up buying 1 NBS dragonfly for my DAC.
The Dragon will move to my transport this week since I just bought a 2nd hand NBS Omega III. The NBS Omega didn't do anything for my amp either.

Not saying DCCA or anu other brand for that matter makes bad power cables. Just saying that IMHO not all powercables will work with all components.

If I ever get some audio spending money again I will try to try out Electraglide Ultra Khan II or they copy of that cable the Advanced Listening Audio Cable.

So be sure to try out before you buy.

I started with the DCCA Eminence on my preamp which is an audio horizons 2.2 and then added one to my DAC which is also an Audio Horizons 3.1. It was a cumulative effect as I added one and then two of these to my system. I then moved to my amplifiers which are Canary CA160 (EL34 based amps) and WOW the bass really fleshed out as well as an overall increase in soundstaging.

I am using Merlin VSM-MME's which are extremely revealing speakers so it isn't hard to hear changes made to my system....both positive and negative.

My room is 14' wide by 20' long and with the Eminence (after about 200 hours of break in) added to the amps the soundstaging expanded to virtually be from side wall to side wall on some recording. It was pretty darn amazing to hear the differences.

I still have one more Eminence to buy for my transport but as you have stated at $1k per cord it isn't cheap to continue to make these upgrades.
I would like to say if you are looking for the magic with just one Eminence power cord in your system to use it on your source component. I think you will find the greatest sound improvement in this position. I would also like to say that one of the problems I have had in the past was maybe the speed/pace of my power cords were somewhat off...slow to a point maybe...corrected that issue with the Eminence's design. Detail is also much more present in this new design without losing the body and weight in the sound....which was a key factor of creating this sound...not to lose...just to gain in all areas. Don DCCA
another note, I can also tonally adjust the Eminence to: warmish & lush, neutral or best of both. The choice is yours!
One word if you want to be done with power cords. LessLoss.
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