dcc2 with new transport: buying suggestion

I am interested in buying the new dcc2 with the transport and was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on who to buy it from considering I live in Los Angeles and was ideally hoping to trade in my cary 306-200 and bat vk51se in the process. I currently have a Rowland 302 amplifier and Wilson Watt Puppy 7 speakers.

Anyone heard by the way the emmlab dcc2 with the watt puppy speakers and/or the Rowland amplifier?

Anyone think that the sonic improvement would be very slight upgrading from the cary 306-200 and BAT vk51se to the emmlabs dcc2 and transport?

I bought my DCC2/SDCD from Jonathan Tinn of Chamber Audio. He was very honest and considerate. I traded my Modwright Absolute Truth Sony XA777es for the EMMLAB gear. I have only heard the DCC2/SDCD in my system, but I have compared it to several digital units including the Krell SACD, Esoteric DV50, Linn Unidisk and obviously the modded Sony. The upgrade from the EMMLAB to the above was not even close. The review in TAS was pretty accurate; I would add that the EMMLAB has the unusual combination of a relaxed and accurate/clear musical sound.

I also bought my EMM DAC6e and switchman 3 from Jonathan Tinn. I highly recommend him.
I also own the Cary 303-200 and like it very much. However the Emm gear is in a class by itself IMHO.
I also was interested in the Bat.51se but went with the switchman instead. Tinn has a lot of experence with Bat as I believe he was a Bat dealer. You should give him a call.