DCC format?

I just saw a few DCC recorders on E-bay for pretty cheap from Philips , Technics and Optimus....was this a good recording format?...is the format limited to 16 bit....can you record dts or dolby digital soundtracks onto the tapes?..thanx Chris
Digital Compact Cassette (DCC) was the late-life kicker for the cassette format. DCC machines could process regular analog cassettes (to protect existing collections) and acccept special media for digital recording.

DCC used a lossy (perceptual encoding) data compression scheme similar to the one (ATRAC?) used by the Sony Mini-disc format. At inception it was widely considered better sounding than the mini-disc. Most hardware accepted and produced a 16 bit 44.1 PCM data steam - but what goes in isn't what comes out.

DCC doesn't support DTS or Dolby Digital recording.

Unfortunately the format died a quiet death a few years ago. The machines are ok, but you'll have lots of trouble finding blank DCC media. To my knowlege its not made anymore.

You'd do better with a good CD recording system.
Ghostrider45v is correct. Unless you already have hundreds of DCC cassettes already... foget the machine.