dc10audio Berlin Destryed the Competition at RMAF

It was only when one of the guys at the booth was changing the tubes or adjusting the ohms value on the turntable pre did the sound dissapoint but when the correct tubes in the Tektron Amp were use the sound trumped everyone else by a lot. Even the $225K eyeball speaker!!
"The dc10audio Berlin were by far the best sounding speakers I heard at RMAF!" - Said no one...ever.

I really feel sorry for the manufacturer of these speakers. They are probably good speakers, but this guy has given them a permanent black eye on the forum.
about the switching the tubes at the show From stereophile blog:

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dc10audio Berlin
Submitted by bachMan on October 27, 2012 - 10:37am.

I popped in to this room as I was thrilled to see these big wooden horns on the dc10audio Berlin stand mount speaker. I was also amazed at the clarity and realism of the sound they were producing in-fact I was having a real moment with this gear when all of a sudden Robin? popped the tubes out of the tektron amplifier and Destroyed my moment! I left peed-off tried to get back in again but the room was fully packed every time I tried to finish my listen.Too bad for them. The Berlin was my favorite speaker at the entire show even though my bliss lasted for only 40 seconds. I think this company is really innovative as the horn is both the tweeter and the bass port and there is some kind of vibrator inside (kinky). I'll be looking for a dealer here in LA to procure the Berlin as I'm sold on it ..But shame on the Carnies at the show!!
Like Manoterror,

I feel badly for the manufacturer of these speakers.

They are probably decent speakers, but Mountain-high has poisoned the well so badly as such a shrill shill that the speaker line has essentially has no chance in the marketplace.

Of course, mountain-high could be a competitor using poison-pill counter-espionage.

Come on Bobby Palkovic, are you mountain-high? lol