DC/ Preamps

Dodd, Red Wine Audio to name a few, offer "new", unconventional & interesting approach implemented in their top preamp's design. Eliminating to some degree anomalies that are usually associated with noisy power lines and in some cases ,very expensive power cables "needs".

Auditioning preamp from this family is very tempting........ at least for me.
I might get one of these to see (hear) what the buzz is all about or for that matter, lock of it!

I have heard RWA ones or twice and I was very, very impressed to say the least. Their new flagship preamp looks awesome but it is ( unfortunately ) out of my reach. Dodd, on the other hand is priced quaite reasonable and is in fact on my "must hear" list of preamps to audition. Truth is, that if everything goes well, I might get one in the very near future and just can't wait to put my hands on this thing.
I have noticed that some AgoN-ers own these and are very happy with them and what they do for their systems.
So, the question is :
What do you think the benefits are of such a design ?????
those who own/heard these preamps - describe the sound and what are your thoughts in general ??????

dodd is the real deal makes everything sound "there" great soundstage, bass and dynamic range highly suggest you audition one i bought one and im tickled pink!!!!
Hi Tfl303
My desire to find super quiet, transparent and uncolored sound is on.
From what I hear/read DODD or RWA might be the ticket.

Eliminating AC from equation sounds like a promising solution to the problematic power issues.
I realize that just the idea along of running equipment on DC doesn't necesserly guaranty the stellar performance but principals behind this design
would indicate its superiority over the common power delivery from the wall outlet.
Personally , I love the idea of stark black backgrounds and all delicate details to be projected into the listening space - your/mine four wall concert hall.
New Great review of DODD preamp on 6moons. Check it out.
My Dodd should be on my door steps by the end of next week.
Then , I might write a little review about my findings.
Can't wait......