DC/DC for the WD TV Live


As by request from others members, I will explain how to build a DC/DC for the WD TV Live.
I will not tell everything, not because I want some secret for myself, but I believe that it’s more interesting if you search by yourself.
So, you need:
• A soldering iron
• A multi-meter
• Some basic tools (screwdrivers, a good knife, etc.)
• Some basic knowledge of electronic (ohm law, V, A, R)
2 batteries 12V 4,5Ah in series = 24V (you will need to understand why, but you will).You can use a battery car, but I think it’s not very practical at home
A small box (aluminum) for electronic devices.
A 12V voltage regulator 1,0A (1,5A max)(where, if you read the regulator datasheet completely you will understand why you need 2 batteries and why 24V)
A heat sink for the regulator
Several Capacitors:
Electrolytic – More than 4700 uF (16V or more) for the input caps and no more than 600 uF (16V or more) for the out caps – Tip: more caps in parallel the better. Why?
Ceramic - several, max 1,0 uF – min 0,01 uF Tip: more caps in parallel the better. Why?
2 or 3 resistors (be careful with the power dissipation needed) - they are needed to achieve a nearly exact 12V ( I have 11,98V, normally)
A plate for the assembling.
Some wire (capable of 2,5A) and a switch (on/off)
Then, try to find online how is a Typical AC/DC 12V power supply and replace the transformer and the triode bridge by the batteries.
A tip: I use the LM7812CK voltage regulator (any brand) (I’m telling almost everything…again, read the regulator datasheet device)
I know I’m not telling how to do it but I promise that, for those who still have difficulties, the next tread I will publish the schematic diagram.
Regards and good investigation.

I've been a satisfied user, over the past year or so, of the WD TV Live+ (mostly for video/some audio.) I read through your thread at the WD forums and noted your stipulation of a flash, as opposed to hard, drive for audio delivery: interesting! I'll have to try this out sometime soon...
I have been reading your posts on WD live tv. I have one and I am very happy with it. I have two questions (i) are newer models better for audio use only? and (ii) could it be possible for you to send schematics of the DC power source for the WD? Thank you very much in advance. Best regards.
Hi Scabiko,

As i know, no.
The only downside of the WD Players are the optical digital output. It was better if it was electrical. But other than that you will hear music better than most CD player's on earth.
Tell me your mail and I'll send you the circuit.
Best Regards