DC cable to trigger Monster Power HTS 3600

I am running a dc mini plug to mini plug from a Proceed Pre preamp into the HTS 3600 for remote turn on, when i switch on the preamp, the switched light on the HTS 3600 comes on for less than a second and then goes back out, it will never stay on. Are these just not compatible or do I possibly have a bad input on the HTS 3600. thanks for any help
People sometimes get abberant results if they use stereo mini-to-mini plugs... You want mono ones if possible. If that isn't it, you may have a bad relay or something.

If you have a voltmeter, you might also check to make sure the Proceed is really going to +12V and staying there...
I had a similar problem with my new HTS 3600 after less than month of use. The "clean power on" light was flashing, no components were getting any power, none of the other lights were permanently on, but it kept on going through a cycle in which there was a clicking noise, followed by the the row of lights on the bottom coming on for less than a second.

I called Monster, they said it sounded like a bad relay, and they asked me to send it back so they could ship me another unit.