dbx BX-1, does any one here

Does any one here have any information or experience with this amplifier?
I have the oportunity to buy brand new form a friend. Looks like a moster but how it sound?
Well I didn't ask the right question.
What I want is personal opinion on this amplifier.
I have the technical specifications but don’t say how good it sounds. I have the opportunity to buy one NEW. It’s in a local store for the last 8 years.
Now there is a lot of technical information but I can’t transfer all that information to sound quality. Any engineer here that can express his opinion about this characteristics?
This amplifier has 2, 3 o 4 channels
In 2 ch is rated at 400W at 8 ohms, 650 at 4 ohms, 800 at 2 ohms and 1200 at 1 ohm.
In 4 ch is rated at 100w at 8 ohms, 200 at 4 ohms, 325 at 2 ohms and 400 at 1 ohm.
Current capability 100A peak into 0.1 ohm
Dynamic Headroom 1.5 db
Distortion 0.05% or less
Bandwidth -3db points @ 3Hz and 160khz
Frequency response 20-20khz +/- 0.075 db
Noise 96 dba below 1w, 116dba below rated 8 ohm 4 channel, 119dba below rated 2 ch.
Separation 90 db @ 1 khz, 70db @ 20khz
Damping factor Greater then 100@20khz, 1000@2khz and 2000 at 200Hz
Circuit topology: Complementary throughout amp, input to output. Highest-quality film capacitors used throughout. 8 x 250 W high-speed bipolar devices/ch (total 32); 2 x 3200 VA toroidal transformers w / taps each (1.6 kva/ch); separate rectifiers for each channel, filtered w/ 2 x 22,000 uf caps per channel (=0.18F). +/-55 V power supply rails, each channel. Gain = 29db. Input is ac-coupled; output is dc-servoed to less than +/-5 mV offset; no inductor at output.
19”w x 7” h x 24.5” d, 84lb.


I've got one and it holds up to many modern amps. It's a bit recessed but not bright, more like a tube amp. I think it sounds a bit better using 2 of the 4 channels rather than bridging 4 channels into 2. It doesn't like to be driven without a load, in fact I had one blow a channel when a speaker wire came off. Tough getting service as the company is defunct. Ebay has service manuals from time to time. Try to get the matching CX1 preamp. They work well together and it has both MM and MC phono, defeatable tone controls, etc. What are you going to have to pay for this?
it's that a fair price?
I think he has the preamplifier too.
Muzcal I was reading the specificaion, and said that pro protection normaly it's a fuse. The fuse has to be replace with a 7A one. Try that for your defective channel. I have a phone numbre for a company that it's fixing all the DBX old home audio. If yu want it let me know.