DBX + Buttkicker = ????

I'm curious if anyone has paired a DBX subharmonic synthesizer (the old models 100, 110, 120x, etc. The current model is 120A) with a "Buttkicker" tactile transducer (Couch shaker). This would seem to be a logical pairing, as the DBX will create additional synthesized bass which the Buttkicker will use to rattle your body with.

I've never used a Buttkicker, but MANY, MANY years ago (Lets say somewhere around 1978 + or - five years) I "auditioned" a powered couch bolster that would rattle your kidneys to the beat of the music. More-or-less a cone speaker minus the cone. The voice coil rattles back and forth with musical signal and pummels your spine. I thought it was really cool especially for car audio. The Buttkicker is the new version of the old bolster, and sells for around $475 for the kit that includes a one kilowatt amplifier. (Two kilowatts into 2 ohms!)


I have a buddy with the oldest version of the DBX subharmonic synthesizer--the 100 "boom box". Works really well for making radio sound like music. Deep bass is non-existant, and this magic box "invents" frequencies exactly one octave lower than the mid-bass that is present, so it's still signal-relevant and signal dependant. There have been at least half-a-dozen revisions with model number updates. The current one sells for $200 everywhere except rape-shops, and you can get it new for $165 if you take a chance on eBay.


Anyway, I just wondered if any bass fanatics have tried this pairing.

Thanks, humans.
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