dbx 3BX III and turntables . . . do you use it?

I would like to know if is normal the use the DBX 3BX III 3 Band Dynamic Range Expander (or any other similar device)in conjuntion with a turntable, or you consider this device could modify the sound in a negative way.
dbx with turntable is a common application.

You need to adjust the threshold properly and not apply too much expansion. Adjust the levels properly and the results should be very positive, adding more lifelike dynamic impact and attack to the recording rather than hindering it.
Thanks for your comments and yes, adjustments are critical. Do you think the use of this device is quite normal or not in the vinyl community?
Use with vinyl is normal for those who use dbx range expanders but most vinyl lovers do not own one (they are not even made anymore) so it cannot be considered normal with vinyl lovers overall.
thanks for the info\
I just purchased a 3BX 111 and I use it in my Teac reel to reel tape loop. When doing vinyl to tape, it is unbelieveable. Not much into enhancers or expanders but this really adds a really great demention to the sound
Markus 1299, you use it before the tape records the signal or after (for playback only)?
Before the tape records the sound
I use a Phase Linear Auto Correlator II for vinyl, except for Direct to Disc LPs - no expansion needed there!

Bob P.