Dbx 20/20

Is there anyone in this community that can point me in the direction of a schematic for a dbx 20/20 expander I will gladly pay you for the schematic. I have searched everywhere for the schematic including dbx and every other online resource that I could find to no avail somebody out there has to have this somewhere

I, too have been on a quest to obtain a schematic for a dbx 20/20. I was informed by a tech at Harman International last summer that the dbx 20/20 schematic went up in flames when the dbx company in Connecticut burned down (which would be strange considering part of having a patent on an invention also includes submitting a schematic). I also heard a "disgruntled engineer was had stolen and/or was hiding the schematic until he was paid for his services and contributions." If you ever find anything out please let me know and I will do the same. Best regards!~

Weird he would say that, I thought dbx was in Waltham MA in the 70s and then moved to Newton MA before they went under.   I used to drive by there often. 
Ciao, hai ancora bisogno?
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