DBA for REL’s?

Been following several forum threads on the topic of subs and distributed base array. My question is would I be well served by adding two more Rel S3’s to my existing pair of S3’s or selling them for a Debra or Kinesis set that have been extensively discussed and lauded on this site? While I have some latitude with placement it’s still a LR that I share with my very tolerant fiancé so side wall placement not an option due to furniture constraints. The 4 corners would be okay. My system includes Focal 1038BE speakers and PS Audio BHK monoblocks, Primaluna preamp and Simaudio Moon DAC. Room measures 24x16x8. Listen to rock, R & B, some jazz and classical. The former pretty loud sometimes. I’ve treated the room but still not entirely happy with the LF’s. Strictly 2 channel, no HT. Budget would allow for either option. Thanks. 
Yeah, and as long as you have only one or two subs you probably never will be happy with LF. It just takes four. Or more (I have 5). Really low bass is just a different animal. 

Add two more. Put them in the corners if you must. Not ideal, but then nothing ever is. Just keep in mind the idea with DBA is the bass is smoothed by having multiple randomized sources. So if one absolutely has to be exactly in the corner then do your best to have the others be just a little one way or the other from the corner. Have one firing into the wall, another into the room. Whatever. Anything you can do to avoid having them be all exactly the same.

Main thing to keep in mind for now, anything you do with four will be better than anything you can get from one or two. Hard to believe until you hear it. But mine, when I had just one sub it gave a really different response depending on where it went. But when I went to four it was very hard to hear differences when moving one around. I mean the difference was there it just was very small. Like probably never notice unless listening for it.
Wait until you can get a dedicated listening room.  Why waste effort on what you know will be a half measure?
I suggest you add more RELs and do the DBA or "swarm" concept with them. I don't think they all need to be the same model. I tried to read everything I could on this concept before attempting it. I then reached out to Duke LeJeune and asked his advice. He graciously provided it to me--he is a generous man with his time and expertise. Anyway, he suggested I keep the subs I owned and simply add to them. I followed his advice and also paid close attention to @millercarbon and @noble100 posts here on Audiogon. I first added an S3 SHO to my two REL R-325s in an asymmetrical arrangement. BIG improvement. Now I'm waiting to drop another S3 SHO into the mix at an elevated level to further improve the effect. I don't have a dedicated room and I'm probably not getting one anytime soon. I'm less interested in it now that my room bass is much improved. 
Listened, learned, applied. Give the man a Gold Star.
Just received the antenna I needed to run another REL S3/SHO with the Longbow transmitter. This makes 4 RELs in the dba or "swarm" and I can confirm that 4 is an improvement over 3. I now consider my room bass issues resolved.