DB99 bass volume level-what is your setting?

i keep changing mine between 10:00 and 11:00 on the dial. still not pin-pointed yet. just wanted to see where everyone else's bass volume level was set at.
This will depend greatly on the room, source, interconnects, cables. With that said in a 15 x 17.8 ft room I keep it a notch above the middle or about 60-70%. Keep in mind I am using a temp CD source at this moment.

BTW, did VSA come up with anything for you regarding a grill?

thanks tickfight. no they didn't. guess i'll have to wait until they get enough complaints and start making them with grills. i just want the option to have them on when not doing serious listening.
Mine stays around 1/2 or a little above. How are yours
breaking in?
breaking in nicely. i guess my setting is lower because i have them pretty close to back wall
Bass at high noon and ambience at 8 a.m.....speakers are 4 feet (to face of drivers) from back wall....the bass in my room was easy to dial in...I've got bass traps and other treatments...this is important because of the bass power these mothers create....I don't like my windows to vibrate. 375 hours on mine and just about there...the initial sound was upsetting...it took over 80 hours to even listen but not critically
Oh yea,

Yo-Yo Ma-- at about three P.M. ! Woowza the rafters are moving. :)