dB Power Amp ripper - How cool is this?

A few months ago, I bought dB Poweramp's CD ripper so I could rip CDs to my server, a Vortexbox appliance. I did this mainly for convenience and to have some features not offered by the Vortexbox's internal ripper. But I just am getting to ripping my homemade CDs of digitized LPs, and guess what? I was very surprised to see that the metadata tool (freedb in this case) picked up the metadata for the correct LP I had dubbed onto my CDs! Not only that, but I had some where I placed two albums from the same artist on one CD, and freedb picked up both sets of metadata, completely correctly. This is amazing, since the track times cannot be exact matches for the track times on the CD.

Since the metadata was found, it was easy to get the album art, and edit the track data so I could rip each LP as a separate file. This was very cool and very unexpected!
totally agree! dBPoweramp is the best ripping software available. My favorite feature is the ability to simultaneously rip to multiple sources in multiple file formats. The metadata feature alone is worth the price (which, by the way, is very reasonable at #38 for one license). I'm not sure why anyone would use any of the other programs out there.