Db Power Amp - is there a better ripper out there?

I had been using iTunes to rip for a long while but on those occasions when it failed I turned to MAX.

Then I heard about DB Ripper and the albums I've ripped so far have significantly better SQ than either iTunes or MAX

I also noticed the file sizes are larger with db poweramp.

Am I correct in assuming this is because all the data is now there?

Or is db poweramp augmenting the data?

So, if you know of better ripping software please post it here

Thanks in advance
Its the best I've seen and what I use.

There are options that affect file size depending on format and compression levels. Default for FLAC results in lossless compression meaning no data is lost in the file compression process.

The accurip functionality is very effective for producing accurate rips in fast time whenever possible.

The tagging tool provided is handy to. For tagging I try to get all teh tags right prior to ripping. tagging is also first rate autoselecting tags from multiple sources by default with opportunity to edit before ripping. Seldom do I have to come back to edit tags but can if needed.

For autotagging when needed on files ripped and tagged prior, I use Musicbrainz Picard which can autotag many CDS automatically quickly and easily. It also provides functions to manually edit but autotagging groups of related files comprising releases is what it does best. It only uses Music brainz database though so dbpoweramp in general can autotag better in that it leverages Musicbrainz and other tag database sources concurrently and chooses whats best from among them (nice) but only as part of the rip rocess.
Mapman - what do you use the tagging for?

To manually fix or add tags when needed. Some of my .flac files were ripped with other software prior and were not tagged well.
Before you rip any more CD's, you need to go to https://www.dbpoweramp.com/cd-ripper-setup-guide.htm.

Its a guide that shows you how to set up dbpoweramp to get the highest quality rips. It will be well worth your time.
Zd543 - thanks for the pointer - all is clear now :-)
Everybody who treats the CD and the ripper before ripping the CD raise your hands.
I wipe the CD clean beforehand if any visible indication of smudge. It usually results in more reliable rip faster than otherwise if smudged to start. if a CD is not clean and/or defective, it can take many rereads for DBpwoeramp to confirm a good read and things can take much much longer if in secure rip mode to assure maximum rip quality.

in some cases with CDs damaged beyond repair you have to bypass secure mode and let it do its thing faster unless you are willing to wait perhaps indefinitely. Often you will probably still be challenged to hear any problems just by listening if teh rip is not perfect as a result.

Bottom line is dbpwoeramp is very flexible in terms of assuring the most accurate rips possible in the best time possible once you learn how to use it.
Mapman, are you playing with me? That's not what I'm referring to and I have a sneaking suspicion you know that. Lol
Has anyone had issues related to ripping 16/44 content from SACD's

The first track always presents issues and go through the re-ripping process using dbPoweramp.

Subsequent tracks are trouble free

I am having a problem with dbPowerramp, after using it for years. I am ripping CD's, they show up in the correct folder (iTunes), but there is nothing on them -- 0 bytes!

All the disc info shows up (artist, album, songs, etc.), I see it ripping and doing the checks, no problems are reported when finished, and it is set to put the rip in iTunes/iTunes media/Music, where it always has been set. It shows up in that folder, but when I look at Properties, there is no data!

Any ideas?


Out of disk space maybe?
Maybe its a cue file that you are looking at? Although, you have been using it for years and I'm sure you know better.

Sometimes iTunes seems like it has a mind of its own and sometimes does weird things. At least for me, anyway. Try ripping to a different folder that has nothing to do with iTunes. If that works, then you can just transfer the music to iTunes.

It would be a good idea to check how all of your software is configured. Sometimes, when programs get updated, they need to be re configured.

No, because when I rip with iTunes it works fine and is where it should be.

Zd542, I tried that but it did not work. I will try it again and see what happens.

Thanks for your help.


What format are you ripping to? You may want to double check that because iTunes doesn't support all formats, like the very popular FLAC. Also, try and open your ripped files using a different media player. VLC or Audacious would be a good choice. They both play just about every audio format there is.
I'm not at home to check but if there is an error log check that to see if more information on what happens at the time a failure occurs.

Also can't hurt to reboot the computer just to make sure everything is running clean.
Also maybe make sure itunes is not running if dbpoweramp is putting files in directories it normally uses.
Not to say anyone else is wrong, but I've never had a problem using WMP ripping WAV and it sounds great.
Wildoats - it would appear that WMP does a very good job of ripping WAV
- I ripped one of my more detailed albums to WAV and I could not tell any difference between that and the same album ripped to AIF using dbPoweramp
- FYI both rips were performed on the same computer and then loaded into iTunes.

However - the one nice thing about dbPoweramp is, it notifies you when ripping problems occur and the severity of the problem by track.

I'm not sure if that feature is available with WMP.

wmp does fine for .wav. Used it for years before switching to FLAC and DBPamp for more flexibility with tagging, which adds a lot to the overall experience. I converted all my old .wav files to FLAC and my library is very clean now.

The only problem (avoidable) I had at first with windows media player was when it was set to start ripping automatically and it did so prior to having the metadata for the tagging ready resulting in many track 1s with missing "tags". Live and learn. Even when done right with .wav at rip time, the tagging capabilities of .wav are inherently much inferior to FLAC done well.
Mapman and Zd542,

Thank you for your assistance. I have tried every suggestion you made and nothing helped. There are no errors shown when I rip. I tried ripping to FLAC, no relp. I tried different destinations. No help. I tunes was off. No help. I am stumped. I will go on dbPoweramp forum and see if they have any ideas. I do not want to delete and re-order, because it has worked without a hiccup for years.

Thanks again.

Nglazer - did you find a solution?

I took a quick look and found various other similar issues pertaining to a "0" file size.

Responses to questions cited issues relating to
- bugs in WMA related software drivers
- certain file types
- the CD drive hardware
- using a USB drive to rip to
- the level of error checking selected

One post on the dbPoweramp forum seemed to indicated that the file was actually complete and could be played, it was just an anomomally that the file size was set to zero - and there was no way of resetting the size to it's actual size.

Unfortunately there did not appear to be any one difinitive solution.

I've only used CD Ripper - without any issue

Did the issue occur using dbPoweramp CD Ripper, Batch Converter or both?

My solution ($29 for uop tp 5 computers if you own a previous version) was to upgrade to the current version of dbPoweramp, and the problem disappeared. Now the size of the files ripped shows up in Properties and all works well.

Who knows what the problem was. Had it for years and it worked flawlessly, then stopped. $29 eliminated much gnashing of teeth. Cheaper than therapy!

Thanks, all.

Old versions of software will run into problems eventually and need to be upgraded.

I bought and downloaded Dbpoweramp less than a year ago and has run fine to date.

Neal do you know the latest version number and any idea when released? If newer than what I have I will consider an upgrade as well.
Also I wonder if re-installing teh old version alone would have fixed the problem. SOme times files needed get overwritten by other apps and a re-install is all that is needed. I don't think one woudl lose anything much with a reinstall of Dbpoweramp. You might have to redo your settings if customized but that's about all I can think of.