Dazed & Confused

Listening to mostly jazz, solo instruments and vocals I find my Martin Logan Spire hybrids to sound awesome, but recently I was listening to some both "Busy" 90’s rock and classical (lots of instruments playing loudly together) and I find the music starts to sound garbled and annoying (to bright), so much so, I turn it off.
I was wondering if you all might have some suggestions on some speakers that would be a little more forgiving with busy/loud music that I could possibly switch over to when listening to different types of music. That is unless I can find speakers that can handle all styles of music, then I would consider taking the hit ($$$) on selling the Spires.

Without getting into room size and dynamics, lets just call it a standard room, I was also looking for something more efficient. The Spires need a huge amount of power (and volume) to sound good. Looking more for something I can listen to loud but also still enjoy the music at a much lower volume if that’s at all possible. Neutral and not to bright.
Living in the sticks, I can’t just jump in the car to go demo speakers. Only once, in the past, did I purchase a set of speakers online and unheard, going solely on the sales person’s recommendations. I learned the hard way to never do that again!

Equipment now: Coda CSiB integrated amp with W4S 2v2 SE Dac running Roon Nucleus.

I also wanted to mention that the Spires have phenomenal base, so much so I sold the 2 subs I was originally using with them. Floor standers and bookshelfs have come along way in SQ these days, but if I need to purchase another set of subs the budget is starting to dwindle.

No vinyl or CD’s, just Tidal.

$3,000 - $5000 budget, new or newer demos.

Thanks for any suggestions or advice you may have to offer!
Subs then? I always feel they are so difficult to set up.
I'd be so happy with a full meal deal (one box).
Sounds like the Emerald Physisc's maybe off the table then.
Have a great night MGM and thank you for sharing!
Keep your speakers!

 Cut some small squares of an old T-shirt.
 About the size of ur tweeter.
tape them Ofer the tweeter, or to the inside of the grill

start with three layers,, listen, if still shrill, add another layer.
 If ok, try two layers.

There are so many good people on this site willing to help and share their valuable opinions. Then there are guys like you.
Thanks for making fun of me and my situation.
Oh, and by the way, my speakers don't have tweeters
If you do want to try a different speaker Revel f208 at 5k full retail are awesome, they have a huge sweet spot and have great separation and dynamics, they play loud with low distortion. Good luck
Great recommendation Chris, thank you. The other 2 units I was considering (and Revel was on my radar!) is the Salk Song 3 Ecore and the Legacy Signature SE's. One thing that both these audio companies tout is the fact that most dealers have a 50% mark up their products, hence getting more value with their offerings. Have you had any experience with either or? 
If anyone else cares to chime in...