Dayton Titanic 10" sub kit vs. other 10" sealed

I've read some good subjective comments about the Dayton Titanic 10" sealed sub on this board and others, but I have yet to see any direct comparison information and was wondering how this kit might stack up against other very traditional 10" sealed subs like the REL Strata III, Rocket UFW-10 or ACI Force.

I may look into picking up a pair of these to fill in the bottom end of my Magnepan 1.6QRs and I'd love to hear some feedback. I'm not really opposed to spending the money on an REL, I just don't see any reason to do so if I can accomplish a similar sound quality with the Dayton.

Thanks in advance for all of your help and suggestions!
first off the dayton driver is not as high quality as some of the drivers in the commercial subs you mentioned. the volt drivers in high end rel are high sensitivity and will be FAR better. the dayton will be on par with the rocket, and finally the ACI will be slightly better than the dayton. granted the dayton is very cheap and will be fun to build. if you are a little more intrepid an want to go diy (get help or buy a cheap kit and learn how first) you can build a sub with an 18" tc sounds LMS driver or a large adire audio tumult and the Velodyne SC sub amp that will thrash even the vaunted velodyne 1812 or even the REL studio III in performance. you dont have you use the monster 100 lbs woofers though and can go smaller and get slightly quicker bass. the diy may ONLY ;) go to 12hz +/- 3db, but hey at those frequencies you are close backing the nearby nails out your walls anyway. the new LMS 5400 that is set to come out soon has a linear excursion of 4"! vs the velodyne 2.5" and looks to be truely impressive
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