Dayton Audio HTA100BT integrated

Does anyone have this piece?  What speakers are you using with it?  Impressions? How good is thing at this price??
$164!!  "Could" just be a "chip amp" with tube input for that price . No real info on it.

Cheers George
I don't know man, but I've never heard $164 sound so good in my life.  I ordered one after my initial post, and tried it out for a few minutes last night. 
I bought the $30 Dayton speakers, then got a refurbish 25W amp from Monoprice for about $80 - similar to the Dayton but with less power. It was a gift for a friend but I set it up and listened to it. I thought for the money it was a pretty good value. Yea, it isn't McIntosh, but a bluetooth all-in-one receiver for that price seems pretty fair as long as it doesn't sound terrible.

My friend still plays his all the time and loves it, and has started asking me if I have different rubes for it. I am looking for an integrated myself for my bedroom - might have to give this a try!

Yep. Been listening to my HTA100BT for 3 weeks now. This little amp sounds wonderful. I use a MacBook Pro and a Marantz CD player, using the optical and coax inputs, and I’m driving Paradigm Monitor 60’s. Have active sub too.
Sound quality is superb, value is off the charts. Sure, you can buy better, but at what price? So many of us that cruise these pages have no hope of ever affording a $1,500 preamp, a $3,000 power amp, $4,500 worth of speakers. And along comes this little gem. Wow. You must try one. And prepare to be amazed.....
I bought this unit about 3 weeks ago and have been very happy with the sound, looks and flexibility. I bought a pair of Acoustic Research AR-7 Speakers and refoamed the woofers and the unit makes them sound great.
The only down side I hear is the fan noise does distract when you are turning up the unit to push the bass volume.
Would anyone be able to tell me what bluetooth codecs are supported on this unit?  I checked website, manual, and called PE/Dayton but no one can tell me.  Hopefully its not just SBC/aptX ?  Thanks!
Why would anyone want a 2 way speaker if you can have a 3 way tweeter ,midrange and bass I got speakers from Dayton I think $64 and my granddaughters are jamming to them a 15 yr old and 17 yr old so to me Dayton is like Pyle ,I need a 4 channel Amp for my speakers I think the Sony CS5 will be on sale for $73 again they really need 100 hours burn in I played pink noise all night with them and yesterday they sounded great put them in for bedroom ,lots of these guys are true audiophiles who would never  look at budget speakers but they give us great info 
Is the Dayton HTA100BT a hybrid amp for under $200 ,a friend who only cares about sound loves it and I dont think he cares about price you should watch Z on youtube here    Dayton makes true vintage Audio even speakers from old VW radios that sound great if you havent been there i left a link

Okay, am I the only one who notices some kind of noise gate circuit on the AUX in? I saw one other person say something in a post I can’t find now 😶. When the signal gets very low, the noise gate kills the audio completely, and then is very slow to turn it back on. Like, it cuts off the first half second of each song. And forget about listening to dialog on it. It’s completely silent for the first half of every sentence. No such issue on the optical in, but then again, a digital in wouldn’t need a gate, would it? Which begs the question, what in blazes is a manufacturer doing by putting a noise gate in a hi-fi amp, rather than addressing the source of noise? (I forgot to mention, this thing is noisey. Anyone else???) It’s like an admission of guilt. Anyway, I’m contacting the vendor. Maybe my unit is faulty.
Molingus, I noticed that as well using the aux 1 input. Haven't tried the rest of the inputs, though.  But for the price of the unit and for my purposes,  it does one hell of a job. Admittedly, not hearing that first half a second can get annoying. (I use this amp only when I listen outdoors.)
molingus - I have the exact same problem with the Dayton Amp with the tube pre-amp. I edit audio on my PC and need to hear the first second of everything, so I can’t use it with the PC. It is good to know that the optical doesn’t have this issue. I will try that.

Otherwise, for everyone else, it looks cool sitting on the desk but I hate the fan. It’s too noisy. With the noise gate (presumably) on the Aux input and fan noise, I’m glad I only paid $100 for it as an open box unit. It’s about to be listed on ebay... or maybe the garage stereo amp.

For the price, and with reasonable expectations, you get a fun little amp. No complaints here.

Still loving mine. Still amazes me for the price.  I see that Pyle now offers something similar, but with much better looks.