Day Sequerra Tuner FM reference scope question

I have an FM Reference from the early-mid 90's when the company was owned by Roth.

The scope is going on my unit, and I need to have it repaired.

I'm questioning about sending the unit back to the factory and have the upgrade performed, vs just having the scope replaced, possibly by someone else.

At one time I recall a review in Stereophile where they did not speak favorable about the upgrade. That may have been 8 years back. So I am curious if any one here has experience with this unit and the scpoe upgrade, or who I should trust with this wonderfull piece.


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I've got a Day Sequerra too, and the scope is pretty much out now. It still performs beautifully, but the scope does not do its thing. I had a Marantz 10B and parts and service were generally available, but I can not seem to get any info on schematics or scopes for the Day Sequerra. Evidently, there is some hostility between Mr. Sequerra and the Day Sequerra folks. Any ideas?