Day-Sequerra FM tuners

Does anybody know whether or not David Day still services and upgrades this line of tuners? Contact info for David? Anyone else out there that does service and/or upgrade these tuners? Thanks in advance for any info or leads.
If no one else responds, check the auctions, there's one up for auction where the seller says it was just realligned and upgraded by David Day--maybe the seller can tell you. Then please report it here, as a few of us could use the info as well!
Hi, RC:

If you don't get the info you need, you might send an E-mail to Richard Sequerra. Here is the link to the contact page on his Web site:
Thanks to those that responded. Thru another forum I was given the name Linda Reed at (856)261-8961. I did contact Linda and it does appear that this is the correct path for contacting David Day.
As for the person offering a tuner at auction, I did contact him and he refused to give me any contact info for Mr. Day and, in fact, refused to even give me the serial number of his unit. Hmmmmm.....
At this point I do not have a Day-Sequerra tuner but would be interested in purchasing one if anyone has one or a source for one.
Thanks again.
Thanks, Jerryvan, I had done a search of my archived messages and just found Linda's name and number as well. I don't know if they still have one, but GTT Audio-Video (908-850-3092) once had one up for sale earlier this year, it may not have sold. And hi, Scott, I owe you a reply to your e-mail, give me a little time!
I gave Jerryvan the info! The person auctioning/selling the Day-Sequerra on audiogon currently and in the past made such a big deal that David Day himself checked it out recently-and for some people that made them willing to pay over $5K for the Reference Tuner. Well the way to contact David Day is out of the bag, so don't pay premium prices for that service by David Day history. Buy one for what you are willing to pay and then, if you need to, send it to David Day yourself!