Day Sequerra FM Reference

please I would like to know whether it's yet available the service for vintage Day Sequerra tuners from Sequerra Lab? From their website it seems they're no longer involved in these kind of equipment. Are there some other authorised labs in US and Europe?

Is the 25th Anniversary upgrading still feasible and where?
Thank you for help!

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Hi Sequerra Fm Reference owners,
I intend to purchase an FM Day-Sequerra Reference tuner that has a defective CRT. I live in Brazil and sending the equipment to USA for maintenance is prohibitive because the Brazilian Aduana Service, when the equipment returns to Brazil, may interpret it as an import and, even if it does not, the cost of the upgrade is higher than the limit for private import, which is US $ 3,000. That way, I would lose the equipment.
From what I understood when reading other topics at Audiogon, someone had a similar CRT problem a few years ago and managed to replace the CRT. The link that person posted with the information is no longer active. Would anyone know and care to send me the information regarding the equivalent CRT and where to buy it?
My thanks in advance,