DAW vs Alexia 1 vs Sasha 2, descending order of $$

Having recently heard the DAW, and Alexia 2, they are very close in performance the $$ suggest the DAW is a great value. I have Sophia 1 Wilson offers a generous trade in program, that said its still a lot of money, so my thinking has been to just get the DAW (my heart, my head says get the Alexia 1 CPO or Sasha 2 CPO) Not being independently wealthy, getting Either the Alexia 1 or Sasha 2 seem like sound choices, and trade up again later a couple years from now. My question is would you spend 10k more to get the DAW and stretch a little to make it happen or buy the lesser siblings and trade up in a few years?

Compared to my Sohpie 1s.

What would you do with the given choices.
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gpgr4blu971 I have Sasha 1s and am thinking of upgrading to either Sasha DAWs or Alexia 1s. Can you comment on your feelings regarding how the Sasha 1s compare to Alexia 2s??? I'm using Pass Labs XA180.8 for amplification, what about you??
The DAWs are a step up from the Sasha 1s but the Alexia 2 is a different beast. Bigger, deeper and more powerful bass, taller soundstage (not sure if there is a width difference in soundstage). They can be dialed in to your listening position and the room more than the DAWs.
As I've heard the Alexia 1 only in showrooms, I cannot comment on refinement of overall sound relative to the DAWs which are very refined and of a piece like the Alexia 2s. I think that Alexia line by virtue of their greater horsepower (for want of a better word) can be more thrilling----but I love the DAWS as well. Used vs new? That always presents a conundrum. That is also the only reason to consider the DAWs.