Davis' "On the Corner"

Overshadowed by Bitches Brew(with good reason)...I still find this album to be very satisfying...any thoughts on this underated fusion gem? I do find it a bit repetitive at times...especially the tracks after Black Satin...which essentially have the same grooves... also...the new 24 bit remaster sounds pretty darn good...considering the master tape is over 30 yrs old..
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Phasecorrect-this is one of the many that splits even the Miles Davis fans......I like it.
What I did find interesting is that an exploration of modern electronica showed that a lot of the sounds that are produced on this record have been used as a template-so to my ears it still sounds contemporary but in an experimental avant garde way.................
As a matter of fact this was my first Miles Davis album.
I love it, especially Black Satin !
Hey Phase,
Corner,"overshadowed by Bitches Brew for good reason"?
Bitches Brew may have been a bigger leap from convention in 69, but On The Corner represents of alot of focused effort that took place during the 3 to 4 years that seperate the two recordings. The meticulous hallucinatory James Brownisms didn't exist on Bitches Brew. Corner opened up alot of possibilities and it'll give ya' a damn good buzz long after other records poop out. I think some chimp at Down Beat gave it 2 1/2 stars.

PS Agharta is groovier'n hell too
Why stop on Bitches Brew there are plenty more and they're so great:
Decoy, Aura, Siesta, Amandla, Tutu, DoBop.
"On the Corner"to me is a killer percussive rave up worthy of a listen but not for the faint of heart. I went to see Miles when he was touring with this band but he had an automobile accident a couple of days prior and sadly was indisposed.Pretty wild ,the whole band was there and set up but he didn't show and of course there was no show. Bummer!!