Hi fellows Audiophiles,

Its the first time i am writing in Gon , sadly its on annoying matter not strictly audio.
I live in Israel, and made contact with David Schulte from the so called " UPGRADECOMPANY" ( UGC). What a mistake...
That's how the story goes, i will try to be short and if anyone thinks he can help me with that crook schulte, it will help and be appreciated. I can back up my story with the numerous email writings with the UGC, and your forgiveness if my descriptions are somehow tend to be emotionally, it's just that for the last 18 years of trading in the web never have i faced that kind of attitude and Costumer Service  ,Especially from the brand called USA.
But let's start... 12 weeks ago, more or less, about month before New Year's Eve or Christmas.
I own a set up of lowther dx4 Hedlund horns, bottlehead paraglow amp passive pre , audiopro sub and deltec dpa dac  + esoteric p700 transport. The esoteric had problems, and my tech guy suspected it's the KSS151A rare laser unit that is faulty (btw, in the end it was the DSP). I tried to find new laser unit, and while searching the web I remembered that the UGC is dealing with Esoteric brands and thought they might have a lead. I emailed UGC and Mr. Schulte was prompted to answer saying he is not selling spare parts, but, has a client in Mexico that want to sell his P-70 transport that was upgraded by him for 2750$ + 380$ posting..  I really love that transport and thought to myself " that's a deal I am willing to stretch too"
btw, I almost thought buying  Esoteric K-01 or Krell 505evo I liked  but Schulte dismissed them , saying the P70 upgraded by him is the best. "What will happened if the laser unit of the P70 will fail" i asked , " I have a lead on them from Japan brand new OEM ,400$ each and you are safe" he replied with a wink and a smile.. "Let's go" I said!
I ordered 3 laser units (2 as spare and 1 to be sold as replacement to the esoteric P700 I wanted to sell in order to sponsor part of that setup upgrade).

Schulte saied he will be ordering the laser units once I pay for them, and that is client will release the P-70 transport in about month after the holydays. I thought to myself, why waiting to the laser units, who knows how long will the supplier have them, schulte rushed me to buy them and so i paid him 1250$ in advance... wait a minute, you probably ask your selfs, "how did you made the transfer , PayPal or..." you guess right, money transfer. If it was PayPal payment things where smoother AND easier.

That's why I call him a scammer. I wanted to PayPal him, he refused. I told him I will pay the extra fees, he refused. I suspected nothing, after all reading is website give you confidence, buying from a North American dealer give you confidence, what a fool I was. I agreed to transfer the money.

Time passed, i emailed the guy Schulte several times just to know if there is progress, every time Schulte gives me confidence that the deal is done. Another week, and another...   another email sent by me , and reply by David Schulte " it’s a matter of about 3 weeks until the arrival...my client is getting the new gear i sent him, once he is satisfied he will send the P70"...oops, could it be that's  not a done deal? " i emailed the UGC Schulte  asking could it be that the client will not sell? " he is selling" reassured me David , and to built up my confidence he added " he wants to sell the matching D70 do you want it? " . Let's start with the P70 I replied. How right was I, and did not know it then...

Days passed, I had a guy wanted to buy my dac and transport, we agreed on a price and scheduled a pickup for the next day. In the evening i emailed the Schulte asking him what's going on from the last email. This is what he wrote:

"  The P70 owner has not decided to sell iit yet.He was 90% sure but has since decided to keep both his P70 and D70 SE's  and purchase our SE upgraded Emotiva ERC-3 CD player with our Bybee and Audio Magic fuse options. He reports that right out of the bodies not far off from the P70/D70 setup and is getting closer with burn in. He's going to setup a second system.   Why don't you save money and buy an Emotiva ERC-3 CD player as it truly is as good on ewe upgrade it and put the (3) $135ea Audio Magic Premier fuses in it.  

I replied amazed:

Whatttt??? I purchased the laser units on the basis of buying the transport...I thought its s done deal..!

Eran I just found out yesterday.
I'm happy to send you the laser that is supposed to be new and refund balance less airmail cost to ship it. I was not aware the P70 had issues apparently from a power surge while the client had it
On Jan 25, 2016, at 12:29 AM, eran and Dikla <eradikal@gmail.com> wrote:


בתאריך 24 בינו׳ 2016 23:30,‏ "eran and Dikla" <eradikal@gmail.com> כתב:

hi,You should have mentioned thees issues earlier - once you knew about them.I wanted P70  since it's the only transport to suite my Lowther demanding drivers. sorry, but i buy only what i know. i was suppused to be inform that the laser units cannot be oredered - beside one.if i wasnt emailing you today , when did you planed to inform me that the deal cannot take place?
You probably understand that i am not happy with the situation ( saying the least)If you want to sell me only the laser  ASSUMING ITS NEW IN BOX  , deduct posting + 400$ and refund the rest its ok.If you dont want to sell the laser pick up and refund all my payment , its ok also. Lets stay in a client - seller situation where you can still offer in the future P70  might it come. I did my part bypaying in advance , i trust your good reputation to do likewise.
2016-01-24 23:12 GMT+02:00 Upgrade Company LLC <MrHiEndAudio@aol.com>:

We were only able to get 1 laser which could be resold so basically you already paid for a new EMOTIVA  ERC-3 with all options including shipping to you.
Out of the boxing kills stock P70/D70 in every area. Once burned in it sounds better then even upgraded P70/D70.  
Part of the reason the seller backed out us because the power switch is stuck on and one of the digital outputs quit working. P70's are getting old
I'm happy to send you the laser that is supposed to be new and refund balance less airmail cost to ship it. I was not aware the P70 had issues apparently from a power surge while the client had it.

 Do you think he refund me? think again. I phoned him, he tried to push the Emotiva, I POLITLY SAIED NO CAUSE ITS THE ESOTERIC I WANT and paied in advance for.
He said ok , in the coming days i will transfer the money back ( i told him that only if he knew, like he promised, that the laser is BNIB to send it, he said the ebay guy says its new...EBay??? I thought you said Japan OEM....never mind just refund please!)

he says he tried to refund but it came back... than i offered him to PayPal me and i will suffer the fees, refused, than he said I have to buy something from him(!!??) and if I will not like it he will refund. In time of despair ,I even offered him to either to keep 10% randsom to himself or to  purchase with my money which he holds hostage  a n esoteric P30 offered in eBay and to upgrade it at his facilities  - he said ok for the P30 , but wanted me to pay for the transport and leaving the 1250$ at his possession!! You understand? He wanted me to trust him and spent another 1500$ to send the P30 to his place. The man is mad. But wait it does not end here, I just attach the last email from the guy. Where my point about him being a racist (against Jews), scammer and a fraud (planned it all from the beginning that's why he  did not want to use PayPal) are summed up. No need to add another word , and i quote:

"You are nuts NOT to trust us we are A+ BBB rated and do a to of business we don't need you business!

I'm growing tired of your rudeness and Jewing us down on the price.  I'm done.  
You buy the unit and get it here.  Your $1250 is not enough to cover the SE upgrade at $799 GREATLY reduced pricing plus Shipping @ $500 due to high weight and large size.  P70 always costs roughly $500 to Europe etc as it is way too big and heavy for post office.  The post office figures "dimensional weight" which is length + girth in inches x 2 plus the weight which has to be below 166 unfortunately any way you add it up the transport is too big and heavy for postal mail."


You have my sympathy. I know there have been issues by others with this man and his business practices and in my one phone conversation with him pertaining to a possible upgrade of a DAC several years back I decided I couldn’t agree with his terms regarding accessing inside the unit after the work is done thus voiding his warranty...too many conditions and besides, how do you change out the tube if you can’t open the unit? Aside from that I just didn’t feel he was someone I wanted to do business with, just a gut feeling.

BBB ratings mean little which is of little comfort to you I’m sure. It is much better to do a google search when dealing with someone/business you are unfamiliar with, particularly with large sums of money upfront. If you had done the google search you might have gained better insight into who you were dealing with, he is quite "proactive" regarding any comments that might impeach the reputation of his work which has been called into question by some but certainly not everyone. Your emails and his responses seems legitimate. So what is your recourse at this point? Being located in Israel or even inside the USA, very little without some legal representation. His response certainly isn’t appropriate and will probably give him more fuel to justify, at least to himself, a "reasonable" compromise more to his benefit than yours I'm afraid.

"Trust me, I’m an honest guy" reminds me of someone I knew many years back as his business was next to ours, a used car dealer he was and among the most disreputable, dishonest individuals I ever met. He used honest to describe himself so often I wondered if it was more than any other reason to keep the lie real to himself.

"You are nuts NOT to trust us we are A+ BBB rated and do a ton of business we don’t need you business!" That being the case Mr. Schultz, why don’t you return my deposit if you don’t need my business? The takeaway is generally used before closing the deal, not after he has your money and is looking for more. Good luck.
Hi, thanks. I did google...I did not see nothing about him as croock, i do know a guy that bought esoteric upgraded by him and it sounded good. I wish he would bring the money bsck, i only wanted to upgrade my set up and ended dealing with a bizzar guy from "psycho" ...
Here in US there's small claims court. If not paid, Court Marshall seizes property to your benefit.
If you paid with credit card, chances are you can get refund as well.
If you can pm me link to michigen small court it will help. I paied with bank transfer..like a fool. You know as an audiophile honest trading around the globe is a major fundemental of our hobby. If a guy like schulte & UGC in the worlds biggest economy is not trustworthy...huston we have a problem...
Is this company still in business?
If you ask me his behaviour smells like on the verge of bankruptcy
I know Schulte to be a very kind & generous person and businessman with a ton of highly satisfied clients.  The Upgrade Company is very much in business.  If I were in Schulte's shoes I wouldn't give you back a dime of your $1250 either!  You lie like a rug and have venomously slandered his good name and Upgrade Co's good name.  You haven't a legal system anywhere to help you, especially after posting your lies here publicly.  Schulte is going to be an extremely wealthy individual soon from his patent royalties and from what I gather will be hauling people like you and Audiogon and other websites who mistakenly think they are immune to Internet slander & defamation laws to US Federal Courts where judges are quite sympathetic to this sort of criminal behavior.  Real dumb error "Eran" 

Actually you are guilty of Internet "libel" 
Weird that Zionist, the dude from Israel, would use the expression, Jewing us down.  
It was schulte phrase about jewes. Where are my lies?
He should refund if hd cannot supply. Simple as that.
You have not heared from me one bad thing regarding is upgrades...he just made s quick buck as criminals often do. Shame on you for supporting that guy.
Btw, a youtube warnning movie is on the way. 
Dave Schulte is not anti-Semitic that's NEVER been said before, simply Eran's internet libel and lies.  I know for a fact Schulte has donated both money and his time and at least 1 of his military defense patents is being used in Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system.  You are nuttzz to attack a guy like Schulte he's a solid guy, very generous.  You should be thanking Schulte as a citizen of Israel.  You're gonna owe Schulte millions of you keep mouthing off 
Zionist53 I wouldn’t respond to "Markwilder" who is obviously connected to Mr. Schulte in some way. This is not going to help you going forward. What IS important is whatever written/email correspondence you have to and from The Upgrade Company regarding your agreement. So far as small claims court, I am no lawyer but believe you would have to appear in the court of jurisdiction if making a claim. Maybe an attorney could better advise you if you want to pursue further.  Posting a youtube "warning" video IS NOT in your interest, I wouldn’t.
Same diatribe detected over at Stereophile Forum. This is one angry audiophile. Zionist53 claims this is his first writing on Audiogon.  Which might be true, not counting his posts here 13 years ago.

Sorry to hear about this unfortunate situation Zionist53. David modified a Quicksilver preamp for me in the past and he  did a very good job.Turnaround time was fast and the cost was fair. It seems that things may be different with him  now. I hope that you can get this resolved. 
I had a run in with Schulte a long time ago, about 10 years back. I can't recall all the details, I don't remember losing much money, maybe a couple hundred. It was enough for me to avoid him or his work since.
I did have a local friend who liked his work, and I went over to listen to a Denon unit he had modified for my friend. My friend seemed to enjoy it, though I found the sound very similar to the stock unit.

The modification world is a slippery slope, best to stick with bigger companies like Exemplar and Modwright, IMHO.

Sorry for your troubles zionist53, but this happens in the USA as well as everywhere else in this world. No country is above scams.

markwilder just joined Audiogon today, and obviously is just here to defend David Schulte. Whether he is actually David Schulte, or just a friend, is open for debate.
It amazes me how many nits here defend guys who are obviously cheating people out of money. The aggravation they cause is reprehensible. If I was given the run around as explained by zionist53 not only would I ring the Clarion Bell everywhere I could I to expose the fraudster and I would have my attorney pursue the guy relentlessly. I do not understand how any person on this forum can accept this shoddy treatment, let alone condone it, sanction it; those that do make excuses for this behavior help the many rip-off artists on this site.

David Schulte is a certified Anti-Semite if he used the "Jew me down" phrase.

Some years ago someone sent me photos of an Esoteric CDP modified by UGC in which the entire job was an undifferentiated gunk of AVM anti-resonance paste coatings.  I've used AVM, but only as a finishing touch after improvements to power supplies, clocks, resistors, capacitors, et. al.  It looked like a botched job.       

I am amused by markwilder's posts. His vigorous defense of Dave is really over-the-top! Even in the light of Dave's email responses which I don't have reason to believe were fabricated.

About 10 years ago, I considered having a McIntosh amp modified by him, and like another poster stated, I just had a gut feeling that said "don't do it." His pitch was just too full of hyperbole. It sounded as if the benefits of the upgrade were being exaggerated.

The whole story is really sad, and Dave would have served the customer and himself better had he simply refunded the money. 

Sorry to hear of your troubles. I hope you can get some kind of help.

I inquired to the company via email once and got a silly response so I went elsewhere. 

markwilder just joined Audiogon today, and obviously is just here to defend David Schulte. Whether he is actually David Schulte, or just a friend, is open for debate.

My $$ is it's DAVID SCHULTE!!!

Zionist53, to protect yourself, always use a credit card or PayPal with unfamiliar sellers.   There are scumbags all over the world so when you offered to absorb the PayPal fees and he still refuses, should just walk away.   GL getting a refund!  

I do use paypal., Always...but.. you know, as audiophile and a person i tend to trust business that long around. I am using mostley ebay under the same user from year 2000. 
I do belive that schulte can benefit techniaclly speaking. I did not claim about the sonics...its about simple understood to all rule - you promised oranjes? You got paied for oranjes? Give back the money if you cannot supply rather then hostaging my money and getting angry about me not wanting lemons...
Btw, regarding his antsemitic remark, I realy dont mind if he like or dislike my culture, he has a right to think whatever he chooses. Free world. But,if he indorse by action culture of ripping off people, now that's another ball game...
Yes, i fell that markwielder is atroll. Whatever - I just want my money back thats all. Stereophile, audioholics, audiogon i will continue my just fight. 

Sorry to hear about your problem, Eran.  As you know very well now, it's very risky to send cash.  I hope that Mr. Schulte will relent and you can work out a refund.

Here is a link to Michigan Small Claims Court:


I don't think that it will be much help because I think Small Claims Court will pass judgement but will not enforce the judgement.   Also, You would probably have to travel to Michigan to appear in court as someone else said.

I would keep trying to work something out with Mr. Schulte.  I think that's your best hope to get your money back.

Thanks tomcy6, and all other suppurting. I offeted him a lot of options. I only want good vibes and good music - having a wife and 4 children dont leave much spare time dealing with that kind of behaviour. 
I've been a member of Audiogon for years.
Stooping to more lies isn't gonna get Erans money returned.  At this point IMHO Eran now owes Schulte & Upgrade Co monies for posting garbage libeling their good names.  
Now i am sure markwielder is schulte. He is building the case for not refunding me. So mr" markwilder" , Eran is not affraid and eran have not heared any straight to point remark from you regarding the facts :  I paid for esoteric p70? Yes, did i get the esoteric ? No. Did schulte refund the money? No.

Can you claim other? Please show all your case, maybee Eran is a lier, common, show your facts!

 Eran will gladly go back to his doings after his hard working money will be released from schulte's hands. 

markwilder,  If the Upgrade Company has many satisfied customers Erans posts will soon be forgotten.  I'm sure Eran would be willing to post positive statements about UGC if his disagreement with UGC could be settled. 

However, if Eran sent $1250 and did not receive what he paid for and could not get a refund, then telling the truth is not libel.

I think Mr. Schulte would gain a great deal of goodwill if he would be the bigger man and work out an agreement with Eran.

I don't think Eran is posting for fun.  It sounds like he is very frustrated and is posting because he feels this is his last resort.  Mr. Schulte could turn this into a positive by coming to a mutually acceptable agreement with Eran. 

Tomcy6...you are right. Could not say it better, thanks 👍
Update: schulte is trying to scare me with lawsuite..😵😨 LOL,
This was my answer for mr schulte:
Just refund my money...Just refund my money...Just refund my money...Just refund my money...Just refund my money...Just refund my money...
I will never use that guy after what he did.  The  guy is out 1250. There's many thieves out there not just in usa..
I feel for you, zionist53.
I'd like to know why markwilder keeps threatening the OP with a lawsuit on Mr. Schulte's behalf.
Look, I don't know why some here are so legally inept. Markwilder, listen up: zionist53, in good faith went to Schulte to inquire about a service. Schulte represented that he could perform that service for a cost of x$. In good faith zionist53 sent Schulte x$. As it turns out Schulte misrepresented (lied) about the product and his abililities to perform said services. Schulte, acting in bad faith, began a bait and switch routine with delaying tactics to avoid returning zionist53 his money in a timely manner causing zionist53 financial harm via fraudulent actions. No Court of Law in the U.S. will ever find that zionist53 did anything wrong. On the other hand Schulte is likely guilty of fraud in the worst case. If zionist53 pursued this matter in a legal civil action Schulte most assuredly will not only have to pay the funds back, but is likely liable for damages. Schulte is not the damaged party, zionist53 is the damaged party. 

"No Court of Law in the U.S. will ever find that zionist53 did anything wrong. On the other hand Schulte is likely guilty of fraud in the worst case. If zionist53 pursued this matter in a legal civil action Schulte most assuredly will not only have to pay the funds back, but is likely liable for damages. Schulte is not the damaged party, zionist53 is the damaged party."

In the US the defendant is presumed innocent until the trial.  He is not convicted before the trial.  Don't you watch Judge Judy?
Agreed with Geofkait on this. This is the reason you need legal advice Eran. In some jurisdictions/states damages awarded can be considerably greater than the amount defrauded if an individual is found guilty of acting in "bad faith". I would hope one of the attorney members of this site might offer you some options that would help you without having to hire an attorney which could quickly exceed the amount of the fraud. Just trying to give practical advice in helping you get your money back. Sometimes a letter from an attorney with the proper language might be all it takes. Bickering back and forth with this "Wilder" guy and responding to his empty threats is just a waste of time, energy and emotional capital.

Mikirob we all agree with you! Now what would you suggest is the best approach in pressuring Mr Shulte to do the right thing? If you do a google search on this man you will find similar threats he has made to anyone/forum that says anything negative about him with his AAAAAA BBB rating his first line. Check it out, this isn’t new with him. Further antagonizing him on a public forum may pressure him into giving a refund to make it go away but not likely, this guy is a counterpuncher. The threat of legal action with more serious consequences than the original 1,250.00 might.
Hi folks, sorry for the late response.
I understand you all. I could call this post " no refund policy- the clinet trap of david J schulte" . It was the same, cause he is acting against his own promisses ( as he lists in his web site).
Now, i can claim to schulte favour that if he was trained and smart fraud he could have take about 4500$ of my money...the fact that he choose to stop in the 1250$ area might suggest he is not scamer to begin with. Only God can tell the real intention of each one of us. The truth and hard facts still remains - David schulte holds money that does not belong to him and refuses to bring it back , you can name this kind of habbit any way you like. I call it fraud. Theft.
Btw, the mere thought of any good, ordinary jo, person that he could be suspected as one of the bad charechtaristic mentioned above should make enough motivation to act different and to clear all issues. J schulte acts the opposite although my door and hart are oppened.
With over 700 views [and counting] in the past 24 hours, I think David Schulte has a can of worms to contend with. I believe what Eran has posted and gone through to this point. As small a number of hobbyists in the high-end audio community hang on to a dying hobby to begin with, and with money getting ever tighter for audio dollars across the board... The Up-Grade Company may have just shot itself in its own foot. Pay the man Mr. Schulte.
What goes around comes around...

Good luck Eran.

Geoffkait, I'm assuming of course what zionist53 says is true. If true he will win. At any rate Schulte should have refunded the money long ago. Do you normally pay people for services not rendered? Do you enjoy the type of "haggling" Schulte engaged in, again, assuming zionist53 is "telling it like it is." Make representations that you don't keep. Promise me one thing, keep my money and try to convince  me to a different thing. Why would you defend a guy with such negative feedback like Schulte? What is your agenda?

Mikirob wrote,

"Geoffkait, I’m assuming of course what zionist53 says is true. If true he will win. At any rate Schulte should have refunded the money long ago. Do you normally pay people for services not rendered? Do you enjoy the type of "haggling" Schulte engaged in, again, assuming zionist53 is "telling it like it is." Make representations that you don’t keep. Promise me one thing, keep my money and try to convince me to a different thing. Why would you defend a guy with such negative feedback like Schulte? What is your agenda?"

It might be a good idea for you to watch more Judge Judy. Then you would know that in a real court, not a kangaroo court, the defense gets an opportunity to cross examine any witnesses as well as the person bringing the charges. And the court gets to hear the defense’s case and perhaps even the defendant. That’s how you get to the truth in a real court.
Dear geoffkait, we are not in a tv series...i understand you want to be closer to real life, and u dont have to agree with me ofcourse, you dont know me and want to see the other side, its honest from your side, realy. The sheer reason says you need two for tango. I my self previously gave an argument for the schulte guy.
But, why J schulte does not  speaks for him self and his company? Maybee i am a lier, just picking on him, why he or his trolls are not showing any new fact that contridict my sayings?
Thank You for sharing your experience- zionist53
it is imperative that we post all experiences, positive & negative, when dealing w/ these companies/manufacturers.

Keep us posted on your situation.
Obviously weather Markwilder is or isn’t David Schulte, weather or not one of us watches much of Judge Judy, here’s simple procedures:

Eran, as an international plaintiff, I’ll advise you to hire an attorney who will take the case and on your behalf bring it to the small claims court. You will have to inquire total amount of loss + court fees and + attorney fees which is legal in United States.

Fortunately the court is located in adjacent town of Petoskey MI where there’s a large Jewish community. I’m sure you can find there an attorney via internet who will take your matter to the court against The Upgrade Company. Unfortunately, I’m not anywhere from Michigan so can’t recommend you finding the best matched attorney. You will have to contact Michigan Bar Association www.michbar.org that will recommend you an attorney. Obviously you should start conversation with attorney first and see if you feel comfortable to be represented by attorney you choose (my 2cents) and if not move on to the next one. Chances you can find Hebrew speaking one also there. I’ve been in number of small claims courts as both defendant and plaintiff and can help you if you will have any further questions.

Eran has no legal grounds to stand on.

I saw the email that proves Eran was given full store credit immediately in writing and apparently over the telephone as well since Eran has also been misbehaving with the telephone.  

Eran has unfortunately chosen to break numerous laws, including telling lies on the World Wide Web.

No judge of law will side with this sort of criminal behavior.  Earn has now created big problems for himself.

Apparently his parents never taught him to be nice and not go around telling lies.

markwielder ( or gene wilder based on your funny arguments)
"full store credit?" you mean like if i owe you 100$ I can pay you back in wallmart cupons... now thats a new approach! LOL.

BTW, I DID WROTE IN THE POST ABOUT THAT TRAP - " YOU HAVE TO BUY..." Well idont have to buy. not in the 21th century.
 btw, you do strength my basic cases and sayings:
I did transfer the money
I  did asked for a refund once you could not supply
 You..I mean mr. schulte, ofourse, offered to trap my money ISIS style.
case close.for me. not for you..sorry, for mr. schulte. UNLESS HE WILL REFUND ME. 

czarivey, i ever thank you, i will contact you in private when needed :)

Iam biaswed , but, Blaming my parents will not credit Mr.schulte any points, IMHO.
As a retired attorney who did not practice in Michigan, I cannot give legal or tactical advice to Zionist or Schulte.  I do want to offer the following to Geoffkait for his consideration.  In America, our trial system is based on zealous advocacy by the parties, not on a search for "truth."  Litigation is conducted according to rules of procedure and evidence that often work to keep matters bearing on the "truth" from even being considered by the tribunal.  Consequently, when we call the result of dispute resolution "justice," the result may or may not involve reflect the truth of the matter.

jimcrane wrote : "Consequently, when we call the result of dispute resolution "justice," the result may or may not involve reflect the truth of the matter".

Its true also here in Israel. this is why the social media has a rol.
My case is so simple, paied, did not get what i bargained for, want my money back. no more no less. 

markwilder, The cost of suing a citizen of a foreign country for libel would be many tens of thousands of dollars. Even if UGC won do you think that the Michigan Courts would send a team of law officers to Israel to arrest Eran and bring him back to the States or freeze his bank account and seize his assets? Do you think that Israeli officials would allow that to happen?

Lets get real.

Here are a couple of quotes from the UGC websites regarding its refund policy:

"All of our products and services come with our famous "no hassle -no questions asked" 30 Day In Home 100% Return Guarantee. To be eligible, you must notify us in writing within 30 days of the unit arriving as confirmed by the shippers tracking number."

"If a new unit is returned which we sold new, we will issue a full & prompt refund less the shipping cost we paid."

There is no mention on the site of customers having to accept store credit.

Eran sent UGC $1250. He got nothing in return and is not happy with UGC's services. He is eligible for UGC’s "30 Day In Home Trial 100% Buy Back Guarantee" and he should receive "the full and prompt refund" that UGC advertises on its website.

With his various lucrative patents, $1250 must be small change for Mr. Schulte. I can see no reason or legal basis for him not to refund Eran’s money. For the sake of his good reputation, I hope he comes to his senses and refunds the man’s money.

Retired or not retired, attorney or not, but I've stood in small claims against attorney and won by providing not only sufficient proof and evidence, but detailed research of the problem i faced and made attorney or 'representative' look like unprepared student with red face shamed on the exam.
 Spoken and delivered truth to the judge with foreign accent and not in Jewish community(which I actually belong to), but among the bunch of rednecks and WASPs.
 Yeah, the retired politically correct attorney will never reveal you these details but they're VERY important!
There are also factors on who's the judge and what kind of community surrounds the local small claims court or courthouse. Who will they favor? what are the chances they favor plaintiff or defendant?... Therefore I mapped if there are any Jewish communities near the court house and there is big one.

Usually respectful dealers, manufacturers and service providers reveal their own company here on audiogon without any secrets so figure out, your words might not be true aren't they?
Just refund the money and void court and attorney fees. How about that?
WASP? Wow. Is there anything wrong with that?
Guys, i want to give Mr. Schulte the chance to explain himself. Maybee he had bad days ( on the phone he mentioned stones in his kidnies) , I am willing to understand if he flipped once, or gave wrong interpetation to my words and intentions, or just made bad judgment- we are all human beings.
Mr. Schulte, I know you read this post, Just make the refund and the community can start talk about music ,upgrads and hifi, instead of all of this unpleasent issues.
I will openly clearify any issue that you might rase regarding our undone deal. The stage is yours.
david99, nothing wrong if you're not foreigner.
otherwise might be issues and had been in the past.

I hope the Rednecks and Wasps treated you fairly. Heaven forbid they discriminate.

MMM... far not the best experience with rednecks at all... Not a problem with WASPs but certainly they are privileged and preferred over anyone who has accent. that's been true quite a while.