David Gray White Ladder anyone?

Bought this cd about a week or so ago. Man does this guy hit the mark. If you like Bob Dylan and Dave Mathews better give this guy a listen. I'd say he falls somewhere right in the middle. I just ordered some of his older stuff from amazon, you know how that goes.

Honestly I think he's earned this thread so jump on board and tell me what you think.

One note, a couple of the tracks have insane bass notes on them so you may have to turn down the music a tad to keep from rattling the dishes. Otherwise this is what I call "pop folk" at it's very best
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Does this have the song Babylon?
Best CD to come out last year unfortunately his others have some good tracks but nothing like "White Ladder."

Babylon is on these CD.
Great music and the recording is not bad either!
Do yourself a favor and buy the rest of his albums...there's only 4-6, but they're great. Enjoy White Ladder, but the other albums are all acoustic and a bit more raw.

And more than anything, if you get a chance to see him live, go do it. Good stuff. Saw both shows at Radio City his last go round...
Yep, I love White Ladder. Great new artist. I've had as much or more enjoyment from his DVD-Video "Live at the Point" of a live performance in Dublin. Fantastic show. He has great energy and presence on stage. (The only negative about the show is the way he rocks his head back and forth the whole time.) They did a good job on the surround mix too. It also has a documentary which shows him at radio stations, other shows, etc. Highly recommended.
I'll add the DVD to my order. I bought every CD, should have them in a couple weeks.
I picked up the DVD yesterday. The 5.0 sound mix wasn't the best but everything else was great. I'll try running it in PCM today. I sure hope this guy continues to write great songs. I could easly become a life long fan.
please, I checke this cd out at the public library and every sounded the same and with no passion it just seemed like a souped up demo.
I like David Gray and I was told that he was a protege of Dave Mathews but I have no idea if that is really true.
It took me several listenings before I really liked David Gray. The first impression I had about "White Ladder" was that it was a poor quality recording. It does sound like a demo. It was easier to listen to in the car since sound is not as critical. The DVD has a more musical sense to it. The emotion comes through stronger in the live performance. I've found that those CDs which take longer to appreciate usually end up being the ones you enjoy the most over time.
I have to agree Bufus, maybe someome will re-master the CD down the road and clean it up a bit? I wonder If there is an sacd available?
Dylan? :-) C'mon, you're kiddin, right?
OK maybe Dylan was stretching it a bit. Would you settle for James Taylor?
I found another guy who "hits the mark" for me anyway. Just wondering if anyone else has heard him. His name is John Mayer. The CD is "Room for Squares." I highly recommend it.
Yes that is indeed a very good CD too Bufus.
Anyone pick up the new David Gray? I did, not bad. I need to listen to it a few more times but it made a nice first impression.