David Gray.. White Ladder...

Could anyone tell me if the the title track on this cd is supposed to sound like a filthy vinyl record or did I get a bad copy? I cant even listen to it. It is solid crunchy grunge thru out the entire song. If this was the artists intent I think I'll be even madder. Any feedback would be appreciated. thanks
Yep, my copy sounds the same...

But, the quality of the other songs on the CD makes up for this "artistic licsense" (that is the one freakin' word in the entire English language I can never spell correctly and Agon don't got no spell checker...)

What does it matter?Two words:"Dylan" and "light" come to mind.
It's liesense (perty sure). Pleaze make note of it fer future refernce. If not, don't wurry about it, the Iowa cockuss (when it cums round) makes up fer all mispelins.
dekay: ioway cockuss hear. yew got it write, i think. -keely
Vermoters caint spel inyhow....I shud now!

My HS English teecher is probably spining aroun in her graev write now...

How are things up in the North Country?

Waters foin, the wedder changes a lot...the usual don't ya know.
I apologise Winoguy, for not answering your question first. My copy also has the same problem with the song "White Ladder". Reminds me of an old scratched Dylan album....and I am not a fan of Dylan's singing voice at all.
This 'grungy record' technique has been used on a few recordings that I've heard. It's funny that the 'mood' that the artist is trying to create is antithetical to the ideals of audiophiles. Still, I think it's not so unreasonable to see the nostalgia that this would evoke in some (or perhaps more accurately, the feeling of inferred nostalgia evoked in a generation that has by and large only heard CD's).

BTW, when did everyone adopt Doug's posting style?
We've just begun to adopt Doug's artistic license (think I got it now!) with respect to spelling!
Actually, I don't think it was the pure intention, so much as the fact that the album was recorded in his living room, for almost zero money. This was his last shot at a recording career, as his first few albums did not sell well outside of England. The main reason it has gotten so much attention in this country was that Dave Matthews heard David Gray during a DMB European tour and so enjoyed what he heard, Dave signed him as the first artist on his new record label, ATO records.