David Crosby If Only I Could Remember My Name

Can I get a witness?
Great sounding recording but more importantly a really cool collection of jams.
Oh, and I found a vintage vinyl pressing of this at a garage sale in NM+ condition that has rekindled my love for it, so as the bourbon kicks in I am basking in the beauty of this wondrous classic.
My copy no. 3 is lost somewhere in my large LP collection. This was the first one I bought some years ago from Good Will. A lucky find then, for sure ($1) !!!

I have the CD and enjoy it very much. Have also played it for my (young adult) kids, they sat quietly through it - maybe surprising themselves.

...can only imagine what a decent vinyl version would be like.
cd is OK quality, but musically? ---easy to argue its better than anything CSN(y) did. what a record. 

and that pic of him w/ the red background staring into the camera? ---if you needed foreshadowing of him getting busted for drugs, that pic was it. 
Agree, great album.  I like all CSNY solo efforts better than collective efforts.