David Bromberg -- Any fans?

I still play Bromberg albums. Never got to see him live. He got lost in the embarrassment of riches we failed to appreciate back when we had it. There were so many great acts in the late 60s and early 70s that people like David Bromberg, who would be cherished today, had only niche followings back then.
Bromberg is killer, but not for everyone.

I saw him a couple times back in the 70s with his full band. They were the best musicians I have seen in one band in the rock/country genres. Every one of them played multiple instruments and they were hot. Bromberg's wit is sharp as a razor. He can be hilarious.

His albums from the 70s are hit and miss. He has put out some more traditional, low key albums recently (I haven't heard them) and his shows are supposed to be excellent. I wish he'd come out my way.
Check out "How Late are ya Gonna Play Til?", a double lp live set, from '76, in print stll. Think I got it from Better Records. Lots of fun.

michael dinner, jimmy spheeris, murray mclaughlin and the silver tractors, pre mca jerry jeff walker, john hartford, early paul williams, bruce cockburn, joe ely, butch hancock, guy clark(the rca stuff), and of course bromberg.
I checked the tour schedule on his website. It doesn't look like he's ever going to perform this far west.
I saw him live a number of times in the 70's, and still pull out an album every so often. The live shows, as others have said above, were amazing. The horn section (and the way Bromberg integrated it) was exceptional, all the musicians were great - and DB could really get lit up. In a certain, less spectacular way, Bromberg's live shows were a bluegrass forerunner of the Springsteen concert experience.
Bromberg was at Denver's Botanic Gardens last summer, on a double bill with the Jerry Douglas Band. Thunderstorms cut the show short, so both bands took the stage together and alternated playing tunes. I'd waited 30 years to see Bromberg and was disappointed to not hear Bromberg's band do a complete set. Still, Bromberg's a national treasure...
Been a big fan for decades. I saw him many times in the '70s when I lived in NYC. He's been in Co this past year with an acoustic set. He's more laid back but still funny, raunchy and musically mesmerizing.
Used to see him regularly when I was in college. I still spin his LPs from time to time and wonder why I don't listen to them more often. What a phenomenal talent. He lived and worked in Chicago for a long time, building and refurbishing violins. I believe he is now in Wilmington, DE. I am hoping (probably hopelessly) that the studio sessions he did with Bob Dylan in the early 90s will be released...maybe as "Bootleg Series Vol 9"?!
I saw him in the 70's in Mpls. It was the best night of music I've ever seen. What a band!
Love DB! Got all his lp`s and cd`s. His new one is great by the way. I worked in a independent store in Jackson Tn called `Souza Muzik` during college and we played DB all the time. Great stuff.....`Send Me To The `Letric Chair`
Another Bromberg fan, recently bought 3 of his older LPs on eBay. "My Own House" [Fantasy Records] is one of the rare pressings that really sounds like he is in the room with me, wonderful ambience. Going back to the 70s-80s, I had a good friend who was a studio musician, and he could figure out any guitar lick just by listening, but there was one player who was so good, his licks were "indecipherable" - that was Dave Bromberg! On my LP shelf he's filed next to Sandy Bull, Leo Kottke, Stephen Grossman, and another great guitar player of the era, Benji Aranoff.
I just picked up this vinyl Album for .77 cents. This album is closer to a demonstration LP for sound quality alone, except that the music, playing and songs are just flat out great. Happy I stumbled across this gem of an album. I will be looking out for any vinyl albums David Bromberg put out "back in the day".
I saw him twice recently at a local theater 200 seats and we had front row. He is great live. I had more than a few lps in the 70s and always enjoyed his music. Try to get to a show if you can. Best
He and Ry Cooder got me through the second half of the 70's. I still have many LP's. Saw him live at the Armadillo World Headquarters in Ausin in '78. Fantastic band, great show.
A good friend is a close friend of David Bromberg, but thus far I have only met his wife and haven't been able to see him live (the ticket prices for his recent Chicago show were really high).
I saw him too many times to count in the seventies.
That band was on fire !!!
The versatility was amazing.
As a matter of fact, I started playing banjo because of seeing Dick Fegy with the Bromberg band.
I saw Bromberg about 5 years ago and it was a great show. I believe he's making violins in Delaware.
He lives in Wilmington Delaware and deals in violins mostly high end. I believe he also repairs them. My father in law sold him two he inherited from an uncle in NYC. He released a few new CDs in the last 5 years which I have and like. He does lots of bluegrass music shows these days. I would love to see him but he is never playing when we are there during the holidays.
I saw Dave Bromberg, John Prine and Sea Level (Jai Johnny, Chuck Leavall etc) AT Elko Speedway in MPLS I think in the late 70's. Great show.