David Bowie "EarthLing" on vinyl

Hi there's a current issue on Music On Vinyl and original on Arista. The price difference is gigantic. Anyone have listened to these albums on vinyl? I know that UK CD that I have sounds terrific. I think I want to get a vinyl, but still not sure which one. I've always preferred original issues, but this one is over $300...
I read a review of it @ mostly-retro.com and they said it was one of the best Music on Vinyl pressings they have done as far as sound goes.
I guess I can buy reviews, but the fact that it's a 24/96 vinyl rip taken not from original tape. It will certainly sound great because the original material is superior. I'm still thinking of having an original media or will probably wait till the proce on MOV release goes down.
Well for what it's worth I have the original US Cd and it sounds fine to me. I run my Cd's through a tube player so it still sounds very analog.
One of rock and roll's most overrated artists.
Boring, lazy, and phony.
Judyazblues, I partially agree with you, but few of his albums are actually superior. Whould you say same about Brian Eno who produced and participated in some of his albums?
Boring, lazy, phony is probably not an argument for media retailer/collector like I am.
Your occupation is irrelevant actually. David Bowie, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, and a handful of others had one or two worthwhile releases 30-40 years ago but for whatever reason are deified by some rock historians. Brian Eno is no big deal either.
You have taken my friend Bill's role but your not authentic, just cynical.
Not cynical but probably lack of understanding.
I forgot more about rock music than you've learned.
No snit I heard that too. Rock is not a music at all. It's disgraceful AND abnormal to listen to rock, because musicians do drugs and play it!