David Berning Quadrature Z or Vitus SS-101

I've been using a Vitus SS-101 for some time and it's certainly a fantastic amp. I've been wanting to try a great tube amp that's not sloppy in the bass and i've negotiated the purchase of a David Berning Qaudrature Z. I will a/b test on my system and sell the one that loses the shootout. Any thoughts on what's the better amp?
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hey, seriously good point on raising the chair!!! never ever thought about that. that's genius!!!
From the pictures of your speakers, it looks like your room carpet on cement slab, is this true? Or, is your floor suspended wood?
the room was a former garage, so below the carpet is cement flooring.
I would agree, many of us wish we had your problems Dave. This gear is out
of many, many folks realm altogether, including mine. Tough one, you
already like the Vitus.

Yet what is the same for most of us is tweaking the set-up of the kit and
figuring out the sometimes (most times) elusive synergy conundrum. Many
foundation things will undoubtedly better a situation yet, sonically dead
cement floors and heavy speakers, sounds pretty optimal to me. My money
would go elsewhere in this case, like more vinyl.

To me though, no other amp will portray the speed, texture, and transparency
of OTLs with the appropriate speaker marriage. I have been around and
owned Atma-Sphere OTLs for well over a decade and find the sound qualities
addicting and irreplaceable with little to no short comings. I would have to
believe from all that has been offered here on AudioGon about Berning, it is
much the same thing. Do you find that the tube vs. semi-conductor
difference alone, regardless of bass for the moment, is more satisfying overall
or maybe difficult to discern? For me, that was my first big step and smaller
things were dealt with in their turn.

Fundamentally, if all other things are right with the music, it is down to which
flavor is for you. No other set up with different speakers or amps will tell the
same story, only similar. I think ultimately you have to decide for your ears
Dave, which amplifier gives you the most sound qualities you're looking for
with the Loiminchay Kandinsky pairing and then move on to sort out the

I hope you have the grace of time, as this sounds like a definitive step in the
overall sound of your system.

Happy Listening!
How did you like the berning amps?