David Berning MicroZotl Question?

Gentleman,Anyone using this amp with high efficiency Speaker's?
If so which ones!
Thinking of using this this Amp for a small office,But don't know what speaker's to get.
I am using one is a small office and it works just fine. I have Sequerra Met 7 Mk IV monitors which are, I believe, 88 or 89 dB. Another good choice at a lower price point is Acoustic Energy Aegis Ones (there was a pair listed yesterday). Or if you want to try some high eff. rear-loaded horns, drop me an email.
Hello Gts87, Vacuum tube valley magazine did a reveiw of the micro zotl driving a pair of klipsch rf-7s in issue #19,I beleive,check with them...They found a match made in heaven.Though , the rf-7s maybe too big for your office.I am going to look into this combo for myself...I sure like Bernings zh270 model. Anyway,I have a perfect room for a second system to go into... Go to vacuumtube.com