Dave's Picks 23

Rumor has it...

Fillmore East Jan. 2, 1970
Fillmore East Jan. 3, 1970

Epic! Sign me up.
Is this a Grateful Dead thing?
Yes the Grateful Dead
His picture might be a clue!
Don't care about Dave picks, because Dave isn't me.
You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but you can't pick Dave's nose. 
FWIW I actually know Dave and he is a very cool friendly laid back guy. Pretty typical Canadian dude. So leave him and his nose alone lol.
I love how he said he taped his first shows at the Kaiser Feb 1989...
I was at that last Kaiser run (which would be an amazing Box Set... IMHO - (Go check those 3 nights out... '89 was sweet)
and to think he become the Archivist? So jealous...

Right time, right place, so glad he has a good nose for it, and even moreso... a good EAR for it!
for those wanting some background:

the DP series uses HDCD and Plangent processing, giving much better SQ than an old audience cassette tape

Wonderful!  When does pre-order start?


No pre-order yet... No Official Announcement yet...

Just from a very "trustworthy source" (Maybe I should of held back my topic, but I have a good feeling about this). If I'm wrong, believe me, never happen again... lol

Could be wrong, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Should be official announcement soon

I trust your connection otherone.
Let us hope this is the next title indeed.
Probably not both nights in one release as there were early and late shows both nights-it would take 6 discs, and given the subscription nature of the releases (4 releases per year @  $100) , anything that size would mess up the numbers...
Jan 2, 1970
Early: Mason's Children, Casey Jones, Black Peter, Mama Tried, Hard To Handle, Cumberland Blues, Cryptical Envelopment-> Drums-> The Other One-> Cryptical Envelopment-> Cosmic Charlie
Late: Uncle John's Band > High Time, Dire Wolf, Easy Wind, China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider, Good Lovin' > drums > Good Lovin', Me And My Uncle, Monkey & The Engineer, Dark Star > St. Stephen > The Eleven > Turn On Your Lovelight
Jan 3, 1970
Early: Morning Dew, Me And My Uncle, Hard To Handle, Cumberland Blues, Cold Rain & Snow, Alligator > Drums > Jam > Bid You Goodnight Jam > Jam > Alligator Jam & Reprise > Caution Jam > Feedback, E: Uncle John's Band;
Late: Casey Jones, Mama Tried, Big Boss Man, China Cat Sunflower-> Jam-> I Know You Rider-> High Time Tease, Mason's Children, Cryptical Envelopment-> Drums-> The Other One-> Cryptical Envelopment-> Cosmic Charlie, Uncle John's Band-> Black Peter, Dire Wolf, Good Lovin', Dancin' In The Streets-> Drums-> Dancin' In The Streets, E: Saint Stephen-> In The Midnight Hour
Show times for above post:
Total times:
Jan 2 early 63:08 min.
late 118:29 min.
Jan 3 early 60:10 min.
late 111:52 min.

Thanks! for sharing- ethiessen1

Happy Listening!

This is a great period where their set list begins to diversify. Listen to those Fillmore West recordings from 1968 with mostly Pigpen material and I think you'll understand my point. But either way, thanks for the advanced notice. I couldn't have predicted that this would be a follow up to the Cornell 77 release.
I've been listening to that Cornell 77 show a lot recently and am still enamored with the Betty Cantor recordings, as they have a great natural and open feel to them. I'm considering purchasing the high resolution download. Has anybody downloaded that high resolution file and if so, did you notice a significant improvement over the standard redbook CD's?
Nice! This will be a good addition to the collection. 

@goofyfoot totally agree about probably not being both complete.

I would guess one, and then quite a bit from the other??

On another note: The High Res 5-8-77 is off the hook... check your Inbox

Hello Guys  - when is the release date on DP 23 ?  Thanks....


Every year is:

Feb 1st, May 1st, Aug 1st & Nov 1st

...and first or second week of November is when full YEARLY subscriptions start up

* Usually @30 days before the release date, Dave will release the info of what’s coming (show/date)

Hello Otherone - got it just wasn't sure. I have been a subscriber to DP since inception and also have all of the Dick's Picks. Great stuff