Dave's Picks 23

Rumor has it...

Fillmore East Jan. 2, 1970
Fillmore East Jan. 3, 1970

Epic! Sign me up.
You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but you can't pick Dave's nose. 
FWIW I actually know Dave and he is a very cool friendly laid back guy. Pretty typical Canadian dude. So leave him and his nose alone lol.
I love how he said he taped his first shows at the Kaiser Feb 1989...
I was at that last Kaiser run (which would be an amazing Box Set... IMHO - (Go check those 3 nights out... '89 was sweet)
and to think he become the Archivist? So jealous...

Right time, right place, so glad he has a good nose for it, and even moreso... a good EAR for it!
for those wanting some background:

the DP series uses HDCD and Plangent processing, giving much better SQ than an old audience cassette tape


No pre-order yet... No Official Announcement yet...

Just from a very "trustworthy source" (Maybe I should of held back my topic, but I have a good feeling about this). If I'm wrong, believe me, never happen again... lol

Could be wrong, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Should be official announcement soon

I trust your connection otherone.
Let us hope this is the next title indeed.
Probably not both nights in one release as there were early and late shows both nights-it would take 6 discs, and given the subscription nature of the releases (4 releases per year @  $100) , anything that size would mess up the numbers...
Jan 2, 1970
Early: Mason's Children, Casey Jones, Black Peter, Mama Tried, Hard To Handle, Cumberland Blues, Cryptical Envelopment-> Drums-> The Other One-> Cryptical Envelopment-> Cosmic Charlie
Late: Uncle John's Band > High Time, Dire Wolf, Easy Wind, China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider, Good Lovin' > drums > Good Lovin', Me And My Uncle, Monkey & The Engineer, Dark Star > St. Stephen > The Eleven > Turn On Your Lovelight
Jan 3, 1970
Early: Morning Dew, Me And My Uncle, Hard To Handle, Cumberland Blues, Cold Rain & Snow, Alligator > Drums > Jam > Bid You Goodnight Jam > Jam > Alligator Jam & Reprise > Caution Jam > Feedback, E: Uncle John's Band;
Late: Casey Jones, Mama Tried, Big Boss Man, China Cat Sunflower-> Jam-> I Know You Rider-> High Time Tease, Mason's Children, Cryptical Envelopment-> Drums-> The Other One-> Cryptical Envelopment-> Cosmic Charlie, Uncle John's Band-> Black Peter, Dire Wolf, Good Lovin', Dancin' In The Streets-> Drums-> Dancin' In The Streets, E: Saint Stephen-> In The Midnight Hour
Show times for above post:
Total times:
Jan 2 early 63:08 min.
late 118:29 min.
Jan 3 early 60:10 min.
late 111:52 min.
This is a great period where their set list begins to diversify. Listen to those Fillmore West recordings from 1968 with mostly Pigpen material and I think you'll understand my point. But either way, thanks for the advanced notice. I couldn't have predicted that this would be a follow up to the Cornell 77 release.
I've been listening to that Cornell 77 show a lot recently and am still enamored with the Betty Cantor recordings, as they have a great natural and open feel to them. I'm considering purchasing the high resolution download. Has anybody downloaded that high resolution file and if so, did you notice a significant improvement over the standard redbook CD's?

@goofyfoot totally agree about probably not being both complete.

I would guess one, and then quite a bit from the other??

On another note: The High Res 5-8-77 is off the hook... check your Inbox


Every year is:

Feb 1st, May 1st, Aug 1st & Nov 1st

...and first or second week of November is when full YEARLY subscriptions start up

* Usually @30 days before the release date, Dave will release the info of what’s coming (show/date)

Hello Otherone - got it just wasn't sure. I have been a subscriber to DP since inception and also have all of the Dick's Picks. Great stuff 
Less than an hour later.
This is KILLER

So happy to be wrong of my first rumor of January 1970...
(shame on me BTW... never again)

EUGENE Jan 22,1978!!!

Yeah baby


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People are really upset that it sold out so fast.

I guess Rhino Records sees the forums and such...

From Dead.net:

From the good folks at Rhino: "Please let the folks on Dead.net know that we hear them and will be increasing the Limited Edition number for 2018."

I got my email 2 days ago and tracking says delivery Monday (7/31).
I've heard of others on sites saying the same.

I think they usually ship to "arrive" on release day (Aug 1)
Got it Saturday and this is a release that needs to be heard.
Fantastic.  Gotta love Betty Cantor Jackson.
She knew it all to well.

Awesome release guys.