Dave's Picks 21 & 22

Grateful Dead at Boston Garden

  • Apr 2, 1973
  • Boston, MA
Set I
  • The Promised Land  
  • Deal  
  • Mexicali Blues  
  • Brown-Eyed Women
  • Beat It On Down the Line  
  • Row Jimmy
  • Looks Like Rain  
  • Wave That Flag
  • Box of Rain
  • Big River  
  • China Cat Sunflower
  • I Know You Rider  
  • You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man)  
  • Jack Straw
  • Don't Ease Me In  
  • Playing in the Band  

   Set II

  • Ramble On Rose
  • Me and My Uncle 
  • Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo
  • Around and Around 
  • Loose Lucy
  • Greatest Story Ever Told 
  • Here Comes Sunshine
  • Me and Bobby McGee 
  • Weather Report Suite Prelude
  • Eyes of the World
  • China Doll
  • Sugar Magnolia
  • Casey Jones
  • Johnny B. Goode 
  • And We Bid You Goodnight 
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# 22

Felt Forum NYC

Dec 7, 1971

*Bonus Disc 12-6-71

Cold Rain And Snow,

Beat It On Down The Line,

Mr. Charlie,


Jack Straw,

Next Time You See Me,

Tennessee Jed,

 El Paso,

Brokedown Palace,

Run Rudolph Run,

You Win Again,

Cumberland Blues,

Casey Jones

Set 2:

Sugar Magnolia,

Ramble On Rose,

Big Boss Man,

Mexicali Blues,

Brown Eyed Women,

Me And My Uncle,

Smokestack Lightning,



Not Fade Away ->

Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad ->

Not Fade Away,

E: One More Saturday Night

The latest installment of the Grateful Dead’s Dave’s Picks will take from the band’s 1971 run at New York City’s Felt Forum, the MSG-adjacent auditorium now known as The Theater at Madison Square Garden.

Dave’s Picks Vol. 22 features the Dead’s 12/7/71 performance, which was part of the run that marked the return of Pigpen to the band’s live show after he took months off due to health issues. Some highlights from the evening include a jam on “The Other One,” “Uncle John’s Band,” “Wharf Rat” and a Pigpen-led “Smokestack Lightening.”

Dead.net is also including a bonus disc with Vol.22, which will include most of the 12/6/71 performance at the Felt Forum along with the 12/7 show.

Thx - interested to hear listening tests from buyers before I dive in...

IIRC they are using the Plangent process to reduce or remove wow&flutter

Yes to all Dave's Picks on the Plangent processing. 

I think both are going to shine. IMO

Thanks! for sharing- Guys.
DP21 is absolutely stellar.  Best one in a long time.  And I can't wait for DP22.  1971 is probably my favorite year for the Dead.  
Thanks! for sharing- snackeyp

my copy of #21 is enroute.  The historical significance in that this is the 1st time songs like, Row Jimmy, were introduced to an audience.
It's also the first time the Dead played at the Boston Garden. 
As a long time '' subscriber '' to both Dick's and Dave's picks ... DP's # 21 is finally a good one ! Jerry's guitar work and signature sound is beautiful and Phil really hits some bombs on this one. The world seemed to be kinder and gentler place when the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers were in it.      
As a long time '' subscriber '' to both Dick's and Dave's picks ... DP's # 21 is finally a good one ! Jerry's guitar work and signature sound is beautiful and Phil really hits some bombs on this one. The world seemed to be kinder and gentler place when the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers were in it.
      With all due respect and these things being very subjective, I feel you are being a bit too harsh on these two series of releases.  Back in the day of tape trading we tolerated a lot of poor sounding recordings to get our fix.  I feel very lucky to be a part of these releases (as a loyal subscriber).  For so long I was starved for great sounding shows from the Dead.  Now I feel like a kid in a candy shop.  Not all of the releases are the greatest performances, but in every single release there are gems to be discovered and enjoyed.  And they are a very historically accurate representations of Dead shows, which is a treat in itself.  Personally I look forward to every new release arriving in my mailbox every three months.  Warts and all, it's all good.  
Please don't read this as an attack.  Nothing like that at all.  Much respect!
Hello snackeyp -  thank you for the follow and the OP that started this thread. I can see how you could interpret my comment as such. I guess what I should have said was ; this Dave's Pick #21  - is a real good one ! You are right in that each one we get is truly a special treat .....This was also about the time in my life that I was ''discovering'' the Grateful Dead with Mars Hotel in hand. Yeahhh - listened to it on my way to work...great stuff !    

I tell ya ...

The Here Comes Sunshine>Jam>Me & Bobby McGee is off the hook.

Great transfer on the new DaP21.

@jafant First Performances of Row Jimmy, Loose Lucy, H.C.Sunshine, T.L.E.O., Eyes of the World, China Doll, Wave That Flag were at Maples Pavillion in Palo Alto (Stanford U.).  2-9-73. Now that would a great DaP release!!!

Can't wait for 12-7-71 next :-)

Dave is 'driver' of record selling industry same as if Alan Greenspan would be for stock market.
I take him as reference, but never actually cared about ANY of those so far. 
I'm also looking forward to the Dave's Picks Felt Forum show. I have an MP3 soundboard of the 12/7/71 show, the Smokestack Lightning is pretty amazing. 

DP #21 does not disappoint. The band was really "on" this date in question. Very good to excellent recording and excellent presentation.

Do any of you dislike a Dick's or Dave's Pick? If so, why?

I’m not a fan at all of Dicks’ Picks 32 (Alpine Valley 8-7-82)

The mix is just as bad as can be. Almost unlistenable.

Save your $$ on DP32 folks

CM just released a newer version that is far superior (SBD > Casstette Master > Dat 44.1k) He said he got it from either Rob Eaton or Gans

*Healy’s masters following Betty’s departure are generally a crap shoot"

Also, I’m not into the Dick’s Picks that have multiple shows (highlights) in one single volume. I’m sure some do appreciate it, but it’s very annoying to me. I’m glad Dave does complete shows (so far)


Got the FLACs last night and DaP22 is killer!!!

I've had Charlie's version for a while and it's awesome.

This is a whole other beast. Pigpen shining and lighting it up here... and the bonus 12-6 is comical it's so good.

In your face tightness & goodness!!  I feel bad for Jerry's guitar strings because he is absolutely killing them on this release.  Man this sounds good.

Can only imagine how Betty is going to blow my mind next week with the Box Set approaching fast.  :-)

Thanks! for sharing- otherone.
Yes, DP22 is another gem.  '71 is probably my favorite year and there is not a lot of material available from that year so this is a really cool release.  Sound quality is very good and the performances are representative of '71/'72 era Dead.  Excellent!  
Thanks! for sharing- snackeyp-
I agree this is a good set and also very well produced - I think Jerry's guitar was the ; Alligator during this time and that one along with the Travis Bean which we will be listening to ; a lot next week with the box sets coming and also ; Wolf were my favorite sounds of Jerry's guitars. The sound he got from those three guitars is just plain.....sweetness. Man I miss them.     
.......hmmmm let me add another post if I may; I went through the first three disc's as back ground music yesterday while I was painting and as I noted real good set / show. I am making Sunday morning pancakes and listening to the second disc and had to grab my coffee and listen to Pig Pen's Smoke Stack Lightning - wow , just wow ...and Jerry is just layin' it down ..... I  burnt my first batch of pancakes. This a real good one !     

@garebear couldn't agree more (and great post BTW). I miss them too.

Listened to that Smokestack 4 times in the gym yesterday morning with the Bose NC headphones.

It is spot on!

......great  - let's all now hold onto our seats and heads with this box set coming !