Dave Brubeck-Take Five

On the original LP of "Time Out", didn't Gene Wright laugh at the end of "Take Five" with a reference in the liner notes that it was relief at making it through the track? The laugh is gone from the CD re-issue. Anyone have the LP? Or a memory unaffected by the excesses(!) of the Sixties?
I got out my CBS/Sony Japanese pressing (which I forgot that I had)and there is no mention in the English notes on the back of the jacket. So, I had to listen for the first time in guess how long. No laughter, but real drums on vinyl are great. I could be persuaded to believe that it was there, but I can't find my original domestic pressing which must have gone out on a move since I had the better pressing. Sorry, maybe someone else is that old or could claim they found it in a garage sale.
I pulled out a near-mint mono original "Six Eye" copy I was lucky enough to find at a Half Price Books (CL-1397) and gave it a spin. Alas, no laugh, no reference. Sounded GREAT though.....
I'm not sure about Wright and Take 5, but Joe Morello has a good laugh at the end of Unsquare Dance on Time Further Out. Anyone who can listen to this track without tapping their feet is stone-cold dead!
I also remember the laugh. But if my (very) ancient memory serves me correctly, I believe the laugh occurs at the end of UNSQUARE DANCE and not TAKE FIVE.
Unsquare Dance! Of course. Thanks guys. Now where can I get that cd re-issue?
Ah, yes. Another of my missing domestic oldies.
I think the laugh is on one of the tracks on Dave's Greatest Hits CD. My financee has that CD, so I cannot play it right now to see which one it is. Obviously on whatever original album the song is from.
Unsquare Dance is on the greatest hits CD, so that must be the one.
unsquare dance is on at least SIX currently-available cd's. just checked cdnow. took me, maybe, 30 seconds. 'corse i'm on a cable modem. probably take, say, 1 1/2 minutes to get this info with a 56.6. cmon' guys, one would think you know how to use the 'net!
C'mon, Cornfedboy, it's called a "rhetorical question"!
I have listened to the LP version, of Take-Five and I have heard no laughter at the end.