Dave Brubeck/Ramsey Lewis

Saw these two jazz greats on the same bill last night in Eugene, OR. If you get a chance to see them, either together or separately, don't miss it. These guys can still cook.

Ramsey Lewis especially looks great and plays with both fire and ice. His trio is amazing and they played a bunch of new stuff Lewis has written for the Ravinia Festival this summer in Chicago; it was so new the pieces didn't have names and they were still using the music.

Brubeck (he's 87 now!) has clearly slowed and can barely speak above a whisper, but has great rapport with his band, and his current sax/flute guy, Bobby Militello, is amazing.

I never thought I'd hear Time Out, Wade in the Water, and The In Crowd performed by the composers. A rare treat.

We all love our systems, but live music is still a wonderful experience.

I saw them both last year in Naples,Fl. It was a great concert and a special night! When I saw them, Dave Brubeck before each song would stand up and tell great story about it and then sit back down and play. I was very impressed how incredibly he still played at his age! His drummer was also incredible as was the rest of his band. Ramsey Lewis and his band were also incredible.
two of the greatest ever....ps, billy paige wrote 'the in crowd'.....its all lewis' though
I understand a DVD will shortly be out of the tour. A must buy. Dave, bless his soul, needs to be with us many, many more years.

After looking it up, I see you're right! I had always thought In Crowd was penned by Lewis. That's what I love about Audiogon. I'm not finding much else on Billy Page though. What else did he write?