Dave Brubeck passes

His music was timeless but alas humans are not. RIP Dave.

Take Five Dave... you deserve it.
R.I.P. Dave . . . you will be missed.
One of my all time favorite album R.I.P. Dave you will be missed
He will be sorely missed. R.I.P.
I saw him twice in the last few years and he was very very good.

RIP Dave you gave us so much...
What a shame and loss.
HE seemed to live a long, rich and productive life and had many fans. We should all be so fortunate!
Dave's was a life well lived and one that benefited many, many people. I am sure he is enjoying eternal life. I still have his 1952 albums, one of which is pressed in red vinyl. Let's not forget Paul Desmond, Dave would not have been the success he was without Paul.

While archiving my LP's to hardrive I re-discovered "Dave Brubeck". It was like running into a very old friend. He was on a 2 LP set titled "Dave Brubeck's All Time Greatest Hits". This was his quartet with Paul Desmond, on sax; Joe Morello, on drums; Eugene Wright, on base, and of course, Dave Brubeck on piano.

The music was as comfortable as an old pair of slippers, just right for listening and relaxing. Although "Take Five" was quite revolutionary when it came out on the LP "Time Out", it seems tame now. So many memories of beautiful days in the past flooded my mind as I listened, it was like a slide show of good times. I recall seeing Dave live at a free outdoor concert. It was at "Our Lady of The Snows Shrine", in front of the main shrine, on a golden, warm Fall afternoon. He was accompanied by the most beautiful modern dancers who did choreography to his music. That day was unforgettable.

Today, I'm very sad, I've lost my old friend.