Dave Brubeck at Newport

Had an opportunity to see Dave Brubeck at the Newport Jazz Festival yesterday. It was just amazing. An almost 90 year old guy on a hot day. He only stayed on stage for about 25 minutes but he was just terrific - and he was enthusiastically embraced by the crowd (an understatement). I have many of his records and have enjoyed them for years but had never heard him live. An experience to remember. Anyone else there?
I was not at the Newport Jazz Festival but I have seen him the last few years at the Detroit Jazz Festival and I agree he is very very good.

Someone who has mastered his art.

A real treat and amazing that he can still be so good.

BRAVO Dave Brubeck!
The last time I saw Mr. Brubeck was at a free outdoor concert. (He has an aura of greatness about him) It was on a beautiful fall afternoon in a park like setting with sculptures. There were creative modern dancers moving to the music as he played. It was the most magical event I have ever been to.
Long live Dave. I saw him at college in the 50's. Still going strong. I also miss Paul.
I recently discovered an LP, "Desmond Blue"; it was Paul Desmond's most famous. The title song was also "Leo Cheers" theme song; he was a disc jockey, "The man in the red vest". I heard that tune "Desmond Blue" almost every night. Although that was a long time ago, I was flooded with beautiful memories when I heard it again.