Dave Brubeck

I just recieved a batch of records from my secret source.(Not going to tell) One of the lps I got is a Dave Brubeck record and all it says on it is "Gold Disc". From what I can make out on the cover and inside the gate fold is that it is a Sony Columbia pressing.It has a center gate fold with bios of Dave and Saxophonist Paul Desmond.The bios are in English,but everything else is in Konji.This is a interesting record.Side one has "Take Five"and some other Brubeck chestnuts and side 2 has live tracks from what sounds like a club including another "Take Five".
Has anyone heard or seen this record? The recording is excellent and seems to be better than the usual Columbias.
I am very curious if this is a rare recording and to it's origins, which I assume is Japanese.
Any insight would be appreciated.
These "Gold Disc" lps were very rare Japanese pressings from the 70s -Quality on these is much better than the norm and sound really nice -Ive only seen a couple of these in the last 4 years-I'd play the grooves off them!
I can give you the information you want if you tell me who your secret source is.