Data cable needs for best performance. Cat X?

Question about data cable bandwidth.

Is there a data cable standard that would be considered 'future' proof - at least for current data streaming demands?

Is Cat 6a enough?  Or is Cat7 or Cat8 needs just around the corner? 

Not considering the differentials between manufactures and the differences in actual performance... but from a standard data pipeline pov... is Cat 6 standard enough? Or should one hold out until the boutique brands start releasing Cat7 / 8 data cables... 

I see many lauding $300-$1000 data cables... but as I understand it - they are cat 6 cables which is not the latest data standard available today... 

Has anyone actually done any a/b comparison between Cat6/7/8 to see if there is a real world benefit?

Unlike ICs - I don't see data cables being an investment if streaming more data will require upgrades in data cables every few years to realize the benefit of such data availability.

Consider the bandwidth limitations of your Internet service. Chances are you will never exceed 1Gb/s. Cat 5 will easily accommodate your needs, but cat 5e is the minimum you can commercially obtain these days. Cat 6 or higher is just a waste of money. Think of it this way: if you are driving your family of 4 around, why would you buy a greyhound bus? I would caution you to avoid the temptation to make your own cables. Just buy factory made cables from Leviton or Hubbel. 

Thanks. I thought that would be the case.  I just wasn't sure if there was some unknown I was not aware of relating to bandwidth needs of audio hifi / multimedia streaming 4k/8k or other high quality data.

Valid point that I don't have the residential bandwidth to even take advantage of cat7 or cat8.

I wasn't really interested in rolling my own cables.  I just happen to run across cat8 cables online - not realizing that cat8 was now being rolled out to market.

Cat6 is where I will plant my feet then.
4K will only become a reality in streaming with compression. Native bandwidth is 6gb/s, but with J2K compression it comes down to 800mb/s. The new SMPTE standards (1 yr old) are just being extended to include compression and we could see a published and ratified standard soon. Problem for streaming is broadband Internet infrastructure caps off at 50mb/s to 100mb/s where ftth is not available. That limits the market potential for consumer delivery of 4K streaming. It is, however breathing new life back into DTH, which doesn’t exactly have the same bandwidth issues although it does do compression. 
Cat 8 is used as interconnections in server farms but I would imagine within a year you’ll see mega buck  cryoed Cat 8 cables being sold by the usual suspects to deepen the bass, extend the highs and what not.
I've tried several generic Cat 5/6/7 cables and heard modest differences.  For a bit more money, the Swedish Jenving Supra Cat 8 is a significant improvement.
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I have to ask ...

Are people realizing sonic differences with everything that is connected to to their network, or are we strictly talking about streaming devices that are connected to the networks?

I currently don't have a streaming device. I was hoping I could just set up a NAS and connect to my network and go from there... and I have a roku for streaming purposes... 

So - will a high dollar network cable provide sonic as well as data packet improvements based on my modest network?