Can use regular DAT tapes from computer data storage (DDS2,DDS3,DDS4) in a Home Audio DAT recorder?

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Yes, but why would you choose DAT versus CDR for a consumer application?

I have had a lot of experience with DAT, and let's just say that I am THRILLED to have moved everything over to CDR...
yes, you can use computer DDS tapes in DAT recorders. Most DAT manufacturers recommend not using a tape over 2 hours. in computer world, that's a 60m (meter) tape. many people, though, also use 90m tapes for 3 hours of runtime. There has been a long debate about whether or not the 90m tapes will wear out your DAT deck quicker than if you just used 60m tapes.
I have used computer DAT tapes for years with no ill effect. Many prefer computer grade DAT as it comes off more from the center of the roll than audio DATs and has less drops outs. Computer applications are more demanding than audio as they are used for data back up.
I have used DDS tapes almost exclusively in my DAT players. I have had problems with the transports wearing out using the 90 meter tapes. The heads still look good though. The decks that I have had trouble with 90m tapes are a Sony 59es and a Tascam DA-P1. Some of the beefier studio decks probably would fair better.