Dat recorder verse CD recorder

I'v never tried a CD recorder. How does the dat recorder compare to the CD recorder.
Sound quality wise they're pretty much equal (DAT has a slightly higher sampling rate .. 48kHz), but is still 16 bit PCM encoded ... just like CD.

DAT has the downsides of video tape ... revolving heads are complex and expensive to fix and the tape must be rewound (none of the instant track access that CD provides).

But in terms of sound quality I doubt you'd hear a difference.

another thing to consider is that DAT blank tapes are significantly more expensive than blank CDRs.
I agree to the above except the fact that you can EDIT a DAT-tape which means that you can take your time f.e. to set track markers at the points where you want them to be or you can arrange a program with the possibility to change it before you burn it finally on a CD. That's what I use my DAT-recorder for PLUS for any live recording of course. I can't see sense recording a live event on to a CD unless you will copy it to a tape later in the studio or at home for further editing. When it comes to sound quality the DAT-unit itself makes a huge difference but that might be the same with a CD-recorder. I use my WADIA 27ix as for the DAC anyway.
Good luck!