Daryls House - some great takes on familar songs

Check out You Tube and search on Daryls House.
There's 108 songs performed by Daryl Hall with various artists - - Smokey R., Todd R., Pat M., ..... so many more.
Performed at his studio in Sherman CT.
Some of the songs are really cool....
Enjoy :)
I have a couple of threads on here about "Live From Daryl's House". It's one of my favorite shows.

The Shelby Lynne Christmas Special, is the one not to miss. It's EXCELLENT!

Also, the Grace Potter, Rumer, Diane Birch, Mayer Hawthorne and Amos Lee episodes are fantastic.

Just a GREAT show all the way around!!!
Check out some of the KT Tunstall songs w/ Daryl on his show. It' really great stuff, IMO.
Check out Daryl with Todd Rundgren doing "I Saw the Light" and Daryl with Smokie Robinson doing "Ooh Baby".
Daryl is an amazing singer and I love the series. I'm also a big Rundgren fan and particularly love the episodes that pair those two. They share a certain musical sensibility when TR goes into his R&B mode. Both guys are from Philadelphia. I guess there was something in the water.
I never expected to like this show because, well, Hall & Oates were not my cup of tea back in that time. But Daryl has really impressed me with his voice and overall musicianship. My favorites are the Joe Walsh episode and the one with Billy Gibbons. Strangely, I so far haven't liked what I saw with Todd, and I am a fan from his early solo days and time with NAZZ. Anyway, Daryl's a hell of a good musician and surround himself with the same.
Yeah, I never really got into ZZ Top, but the Billy Gibbons episode is one of the best. Also love the Butch Walker & Diane Burch episodes.

Darryl and band(s) remind me of Steely Dan in their heyday. It's amazing when you hear some of these jams and consider that they've just learned most of the guests' tunes within the last week. Sounds like they've been playing them for years! Cheers,

Life's too short to listen to daryl hall's musak. Also, guys that wear shades inside are ball sacks...
Great stuff!!!! Love a lot of the shows.
Notec, have you actually watched or listened to the show? The point of my previous post is that even a non-believer might like it.

Have you had a look at Daryl and Todd Rundgren doing I Saw the Light and Daryl and Smokie Robinson doing Ooh Baby?

Did you notice the performance lighting? Did you notice that Van Morrison and many other performers shade their eyes from performance lighting?
I've seen the show a few times. My BFF likes housewife rock. No rain on parades - but come on - there are so MANY really good songwriters out there to be muddled with DH and his "has been" guest list playing their "has been" songs. Lyme disease or not... shades indoors are like butt implants - unnecessary.
Actually Daryl Hall has featured quite a few up and coming singer/song writers on his show !
The problem with them , that I have , is his influence on their music ! While I do love it and it makes for a great show ... when one hears these artists on their own it is not the same sound .
One big pop artist , that will remain nameless , I do not find particularly pleasing . But when they were on Daryl's House , it was one of the better shows !
Just my opinion .

Happy Tunes

Daryl Hall has done some very interesting music, including War Babies with John Oates and his collaborations with Robert Fripp. He is also IMO one of the better male pop singers of the last 50 years. If the blue eyed soul thing doesn't move you, Hall may not register. However, Daryl's House goes way beyond that (lots of new, younger guests). Hall has covered a lot of stylistic ground over the course of his career and covered it very well. IMO.

Take a listen and you might be surprised.
Actually, Notec, some of us "morbidly thin" could use a butt implant.