Darwin silver IC's or Cabledyne silver IC's?

Has anyone compared Cabledyne silver interconnect's to the Darwin silver interconnect's and which do you think is better?
Reading the technical make up this morning on the Darwin and Cabledyne, shows their design's are very similar. The Darwin IC's use solid core circular wire running through an air tube. Cabledyne uses a solid core square wire running through an air tube called Hyflon MFA air tubing which seems to be more flexible and easier to bend then the stiffer Darwin which sticks out more based on the reviews. Cabledyne uses an outer sheath called Inconel Chromium alloy cable sheath which eliminates all electromagnetic interference. The Cabledyne's have superior connector's and cost less than the Darwwin's. Both companie's use Cryogenic silver. Is the Darwin worth the extra cost considering the quality of Cabledyne?
I can only speak for the Cabledyne power cords which are worth far more, IMO. Cabledyne has some impressive reviews and I especially like their vendor references, you know what goes into their cables. Supposedly one of the founders is a retired engineer who used to work for Belden and their design knowledge is apparent in their Blog. I also like the fact that you can choose copper or silver wire.

Darwin does not indicate the purity and process of their silver wire. Not as much info on their site but I am sure they build a nice cable. Best to try both products in your system and decide since this is really what matters.
I just found out that the Xhadow connectors used by many of the cable makers out there is aluminum. I thought it was some non-conductive material like what the Eichmann Bullets use. Aluminum is a very conductive metal though not as good as cooper or silver and even if plated (like brass, which is bad) can impart some negative aspects to the signal. It's silver plated and maybe that is enough to negate any interference or at least less than the amount that brass imparts to the signal.

Also, you can give Tony Bender a call and talk to him about his cables. If I remember correctly, he sources his silver from different places to get the best purity (I think it's four 9s). If you look at the termination you'll see it's really short since it's missing the brass barrel and if you think about it, it's as close to being just a wire as possible. Maybe that goes a long way to why it sounds so good, to me.

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Not true Nonoise..the Xhadow connector sold by Cabledyne are solid copper plated with silver.
Hmmm, yes it is:

The barrel assembly and rear lock nut are solid aluminum and the "contact" inserted into it is silver plated copper.

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The contact surface is all that matter's which is silver and copper. A very good quality connector.
I will chime in. Contacted Ed at Cabledyne for some insight:

"Xhadows RCAs have anodized aluminum barrels and the main body including the tip is silver-plated OFC solid machined copper. All signal connections are solderless in the main body, not the cover."

"Aluminum is non-magnetic and serves only as a cover/shield for the main body. All plastic coverings including shrink wrap are far worse for sonics."
TheXhadow has a outer and inner barrel. The outer barrel sleeve is aluminum. The inner barrel is solid copper plated with silver.
Not to start an argument here but the whole idea behind Darwin's philosophy is to eliminate the barrel completely. If the anodized coating applied to the aluminum barrel is enough to quell any interaction with the actual contact inside of it, then why not coat a brass barrel and be done with it, saving cost?

We all know, from experience, just how "non conductive" dielectrics mess with the signal on a wire, even when not always in direct contact with it and here you have the contact very snugly placed inside a "non conductive" outer barrel. It is said to be non magnetic, not non conductive, hence the anodized coating, which should stop or address in some part, conductivity.

Granted, this is all theory until someone makes a comparison but from what I'm getting with the Darwins (and for the cost) I'm content with what I have.
Also, has anyone talked to Tony Bender at Darwin cables?

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No need to have a pissing war amongst one's favorite brand of cables. Every cable maker has their theories and most claim they have the "answer." What works in your system and YMMV. :)
If you read my post there was nothing remotely stated to suggest a pissing contest. I thought this was a friendly discussion.
Absolutely..no pissing contest...just good healthy dialouge. It wouldn't surprise me at all that both Cabledyne and Darwin cables would sound identical. Both companies use .9999 solid silver wire that is Cryogenic treated, and both have their wire going through an air tube. Cabledyne has an additional non magnetic sheath over the tube and the Xhadow connector's they use made by Vampire have gotten excellent reviews and are expensive.
Cabledyne does have some very good engineers that are partner's in the company. Whats interesting is that Cabledyne is using a square wire they claim has better conductivity over the circular wire that Darwin uses. I think thats getting into snake oil territiory.
Here, here. I was also going to add that both probably sound very similar due to their design philosophy. Like Bruce Lee used to say: "Use what works best."

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