Dartzeel Phono Preamp?

I'm ready for a stand alone Dartzeel phono preamp. Maybe something similar to the features on a Manley steelhead... Who's with me?
Why does it have to be Dartzeel? To "integrate" with a Dartzeel based system?
Seems like the next step for a company building quality amps and preamps.
Yes, Mr. DarTzeel, What the world needs right now is another $20,000-phono stage.
I own the Dart pre-amp and the built-in phono stage is exceptional. There is something very elegant, logical and, potentially, sonically superior to this design.
An outboard phono stage requires additional non hardwired interconnects which will generally degrade/alter signal transmission. If the existing phono card were re-packaged in it's own chassis I think the addition of interconnects to connect it to your pre-amp would probably offset any gains from a seperate power supply and more isolated chassis architecture.

A completely re-designed and upgraded stand-alone Dart phono stage would likely yield incremental improvement, but at an extraordinary additional cost.

Upgrade your TT, Arm, Cartidge first. If you have any $$ left a Dart phono stage would complete your cost no object dream analog rig.
Despite my earlier cynical post, I agree with Fbhifi. Not only would the needed ICs (and the input and output jacks themselves) inevitably introduce new colorations but also, to drive the ICs, the output of the phono section would possibly need to be revised. (I say this while also admitting my complete ignorance of the DTZ preamp circuit, but it is usually the case that some sort of buffer stage is required.) Such revisions might also reduce the wonderfulness of what you apparently already own.
Believe it or not, separates can sound better than built-ins. It is all in the implementation.
I for one believe.
I agree with Fbhifi. Upgrade your TT, Arm or Cartidge - Dart built-in phono will return the favour.