Dartzeel or Tenor for Marten Coltrane speakers???


I've recently bought pair Marten Coltrane speakers and the next proces will be to optimise my amps.

I currently use the Levinson 33H, Nr 32 combo but am not sure if that is the best combo to go with my Marten speakers.

The two amp that came to mind are the Dartzeel combo or Tenor (not sure which pre-amp to take than).

Anyone to advise me on a great amp and pre amp?

Thanks for your help.
Since Coltrane played primarily tenor sax, I would go with the Tenor.
I would also consider Lamm ML 1.1 or 2.1.
hi Maxx1973, congrats on the speakers. i've also got a pair, & will be trying out various amps with them (once they're broken-in).

anyway, here's a list of amps that were recommended to me(these are based on my numerous enquires as well as email correspondences with various Coltrane dealers, distributors, & owners):

Audio Note Kegon
Bladelius Beowulf
Dartzeel NHB-108
FM Acoustics FM411 mk2
Hovland Stratos
Lamm ML2.1
Vitus SM-101
Just for your info, I heard that Marten himself use Bladelius power amp (Beowulf?) while design the Coltrane.
The Coltrane sounds great with Vitus, Jorma Koski uses his modded Coltranes with Vitus with great results. I also like them with Krell.

Lamm wouldn't be my first choice, even though I've just heard the Coltranes with the 2.2. The Coltranes are not an easy load! I'm not that impressed with the Beowolf/Coltrane combo either though I know some people are. By the way, the speaker was not designed with Beowolf, the amp came out a couple of years after the speaker. I know that Leif has been using EAR in the past and they also work well.
a pity i'm unable to get hold of these Vitus monos for a demo. i've had some loaner Jorma Primes bal. i/c & bi-wire s/c fm the local Marten & Jorma distributor (who's been absolutely fantastic). the Jorma Primes are just amazing!!

if Jorma Koski designs his cables using Vitus amps, this pairing must be pretty special. unfortunately, considering what the Vitus amps cost, no way i'd consider buying a pair w/out a home-demo.
Talking about cost, Jorma has also rewired his pair internally with Prime. An option which I think Marten can do on request.
hi Bfjohansson, yes, Marten does offer this option (i ordered mine with a customized front baffle & internal wires upgraded with Jorma Primes).
ASR Emitter2
The best I have ever heard with Coltrane
interesting... i had considered & researched the ASR (online), but decided not to try it cause its got too many 'boxes' (i haven't got the space).