Dartzeel nhb18s with Ayre mr-x and Avalon Indra

What would opinions be on this combination. I have heard them isolated from each other, like them, but wanted to know if anybody has matched them at the same time? If so what impressions?

Any opinions on this combination?

The other way is the Dartzeel 108 amp but maybe not enough power for the Indra's that are specified at 87db/4ohms? What are comments about that solution.

Sources for this are Raven AC/Phantom b44 & Reimyo CDP-777 in my large (20ftx17ft) lounge/listening room, wooden floor, cathedral ceiling

Doesn't make much sense to break up the Dartzeel and Ayre combos; pick one or the other.
I agree...given the special nature I would either get Dartzeel or Ayre but not mix them...personally my preference is Ayre...sound quality and quality and value