Dartzeel NHB-508, Any Price Info Yet?

Anyone heard it? Any ideas on cost and when it will be available?
i heard 35K-40k price range something stupid like that !!!!
Is that a mono amp ?
Interesting. . . I did not see it at RMAF. . . may have missed it. GUido
OK. $135k. Let me scratch that off the list.
I've had the pleasure of listening to the NHB-508's and I say if you can afford them they're worth it. I can't afford them today, so i'll live with my 108's for some time to come. But I've never heard the Evolution MM3's driven to the kind of levels that are aproaching full force life concert with such ease and control ... its like a whole new invention level! Bravo, Herve.
01-17-10: Rtn1
OK. $135k. Let me scratch that off the list.
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C'mon Rob, OT OT OT ... LOL!!
Kng, Yes, I've taken a 4th and 5th job, but I'm going for the Boulder 3050 instead. Do you think a fork lift will fit in my living room?