Dartzeel NHB-108

Has anyone heard this Swiss amp? If so, I'd appreciate any comments or thoughts. Thanks!
Come on over, you can hear it for yourself :)
It is the BEST in the world - BAR NONE! It is better than EVERTHING EVER MADE -- the Tenors, the VTLs, the Halcos, the Audio Research, the Rowlands, the Linns, the Manleys, the Tube Research, the [INSERT ANY NAME] - they all PALE in comparison!!! IT BLOWS AWAY EVERYTHING! IT IS UNEQUALED ANYWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE. IT IS BETTER THAN LIVE!!

Oh, I forgot to mention, I am a Dartzeel dealer!!

Just kidding!! ;-)

Hey budddy, how's that fabulous system sounding? Are the woofers loosening up yet? Has your wife been able to drag you away from it yet?
Which system? Yours or his?

My understanding is that the Dartzeel, as mentioned in a recent Stereophile review by John Marks, is one of the best amps in the world. Why not give it a whirl? I can't use it on my Maggies, but on Kharmas, Avalons, and the like, I'm sure it delivers superlative performance.
Gladstone, since you are SO sincere ;-) in your unabashed praise of this amp you have never heard, and since I ALWAYS do whatever the mags or dealers tell me to do, I am going to rush right out and buy one of them thar Dart Zeals! Ya wanna buy these junky Tenor pieces-o-crap? You can use em in yer office system!!

Whaddya think about those "White Van" speakers to go with it?
FMPND--I believe you're confusing cautious approbation with an outright endorsement. I never said that I had listened to the Dartzeel (though I have--admittedly not under optimal circumstances--and found it stunning in its smoothness and 3-D lifelike qualities while driving a pair of Kharmas). Nor did I make any invidious comparisons with other amps. I simply stated that it is in the upper echelon. If you will consult the Marks review, it would be hard to believe that Hooper would be mistaken to audition the Dartzeel.
LOL!! You da man Gladstone! "May I have the envelope please"

And the award goes to . . . .

PS - I think Hooper would be fool not to audition the Dartzeel. Now QUINT on the other hand . . .
FMPND--I think you're being too quick to dismiss the Dartzeel, but I'm glad that I've managed to supply you with some merriment.
But I must confess one thing: you were right about the merits of a certain Japanese shark versus a South American humming bird.
Ah Mr. Gladstone, when tongue leaves cheek, you ain't so bad! Yes, I was correct. Which is why I am having fun with you and Mr. Zeel. Truth be told (God forbid), I haven't heard the Zeel, so unlike you, I won't tease Kharma owners with it - besides, its better with the Von Schweikerts right?
Frank - Other than insulting DarTzeel, Tenor, Jacob, and Andrew what was the purpose of your response to this honestly asked question? I'd have thought, knowing you, that this approach was beneath you. I expected more from someone in your position. Mark
Mark, chill my friend. This was just Jacob [Gladstone] and I (who was in on it and with whom I had already spoke about it on the phone) poking fun and kidding around with Jonathan. I had already e-mailed Andrew off line to tell him about it. In fact, if you will read the posts again, you will see: (i) that I was complimenting Andrew [Hooper] on his fabulous new system that Jonathan had graciously just flown across the country to help him install; and (ii) that Jonathan responded and ended his post with a smiley face indicating his acknowledgment that he wasn't offended. Since none of them have been insulted, and we were just goofing around with each other, you need not worry. I can assure you that Andrew, Jacob, Jonathan and I are still friends and grown up enough to endure a little good hearted audio ribbing. Doc, sorry I didn't live up to your expectations - but that's what ya get for expecting a low life like me to be an upstanding guy!!! LOL!

PS - Mark, since I OWN the Tenors, love their sound and have reviewed them very positively, how and the heck did you think that I insulted Tenor? Just curious.

PSS - How's your room sounding these days?? Ever get that nagging 80hz bass problem solved?
Better question: How are you post editing?!? I need to learn that trick. This is a totally different post from 5 minutes ago. Arnie?
I think this thread is spinning out of control.
Frank I have to tell you that I was somewhat taken aback by the vociferous tenor (pun intended) of your remarks, but took them as a joke. But I don't think it's right to say that I was trying to pull JTinn's leg. If anything, I was holding out the seductive possiblity of an equipment change in front of the poster, with all the audiophilia nervosa that entails.
MES divorced the 80hz problem a couple years ago :-)........The DarTzeel is a good amp, but understand the pricing has risen a bit of late. Parts keep going up unfortunately or worse yet, go out of print without a second source meaning an expensive redesign.......
Yes, Mark, I edited the post because at first I was offended and shocked that you actually thought I would be that low-down so I was a little sarcastic in my response. After re-reading it, I realized that even though I thought my post was SO OUTRAGEOUS that nobody would take it seriously, a slightly more congenial and jocular response was in order.

Arnie? If that's what you think or have decided, I can't change your mind. But in reality, just a friend of Bill W's taking his own inventory and tenth stepping.

BTW, Jonathan and I just talked and we are fine.
I'm glad to hear that all is patched up. Frank, I was getting emails from friends who were wondering how I could take the abuse, but I assured them you were not targeting me. Now, cough up the SME, old chap!
You know FMPND you are a strange dude! I certainly will not be able to trust your objectivity on future equipment reviews. I mean you are a reviewer and you are coming up with stuff on this thread that defies what a profesional in the business should be. Maybe you are taking yourself too seriously! There are mental professionals out there that can help. Like MES, i am a physician and can refer you to someone for help. I do have colleague friends in Michigan as i schooled at UM at Ann Arbor. Let me know!
Apparently, after talking with Frank, this was merely a misunderstood joke, with no harm intended, that went a little over the top. No harm, no foul, AFAIC. Andrew, sorry the thread got hijacked, and I was a part of it. I in fact have heard the DarTzeel, and would be happy to discuss my thoughts with you. Maybe offline :-) I think it best this thread undergo expeditious necropsy and we all get back to our audio lunacy in a more convivial manner. And Crump, you of all people should know that you never REALLY get rid of that kind of bump, you just pay and pay and pay, and hope it goes away.
Hey, guys wow! Things that make you go hmmmm. Anyway, what about the Dartzeel? :^)

Oh yes Aponter4, I can certainly see how reading this thread that you can come to the conclusion that I take myself too seriously. You are certainly free to trust whomever and whatever you choose. But as I remember from this previous post here on A-gon (http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?cspkr&1077288045&openusid&zzAponter4&4&5#Aponter4) , you insulted the heck out of me, told me I pissed you off and then everyone else pointed out to you that I was joking then too - after which I was gracious to you and laughed at your post. In that post you also acknowledged that I previously helped you on the phone with your questions on the Kharmas. So, after a previous experience where YOU were too serious and where you realized that I am a terminal jokster, who is really taking this stuff too seriously?

MES, thanks for the post. Andrew and I e-mailed tonight and laughed about this getting out of hand and we agreed that we will leave these matters to private e-mails from now on. To again set the record straight (for other than Aponter4 who would have me committed), Andrew knew ahead of time that I was joking and as far as I am concerned, the only one who could possibly be mad (Jonathan) told me on the phone he knew it was a joke.

So can we please let this joke gone astray die a peaceful death?
I think it's possible that Frank feels misled by me, and I hope that wasn't the case. I frankly did not comprehend the extent to which he wanted to take his humorous asides, and Frank has been more than generous with time, advice, and practical help in the past. My understanding was that we were slightly tweaking (pun intended) Andrew, but no more. In any case, his ownership of hideously expensive Kharmas testifies far more eloquently to his lunacy than any post he could ever possibly dream up.
I know you guy's are highly educated (doctors, attorneys Etc.) but have you ever stayed at a Holiday Inn Express like Jonathon? :-)
Aponter4, it looks like I have been had this time. I thought you were serious so it's my turn to dole out the apology. Maybe you SHOULD refer me to that shrink!!! LOL! Man, that is the only problem with the Net, you can't see a person and gather their intention from their demeanor.

I guess my problem is that I never really take audio too seriously. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE music, the gear and the comaraderie, but considering all the strife, terrorism, hunger, war and other maladies facing the world today, I try (although I don't ALWAYS succeed) to put the unimportant issues of the day like "tubes are better than solid state" or "my amp can beat your amp" or "analog is better than digital" into perspective.

For me, if the biggest problem I am facing is which power cord to use or my amp blew a tube or I bought this CDP and don't like it, then I better thank God for such problems.

Gentleman, if I have offended anyone, please accept my sincere apologies, I was just trying to be silly and have some fun.

Jonathan, Mark, Andrew, Jacob, Bob, Mike, Frank and Aponter4, enjoy the music and keep fighting the good fight!

Now about that crappy Meitner I have!!!! (just kidding!!) ;-)
Frank--someone may look at these posts and lock all of us up en masse! I think the rules would be that each person gets to bring along one piece of stereo equipment.
Now for the task at hand.
Hooper; I have not heard the DarTzell and am very happy with my Gryphon Encore. However. Jennifer Crock (Jena Labs) told me over the phone that she was so impressed with the design and sound of the DarTzeel that she was getting one for herself even though she is presently designing her own amp. (Forwhat it's worth.)
JT don't forget my 10%.
.....Sorry I just couldn't resist. :-) :-) (I'm having so much fun)
This is definitely the strangest thread I have ever seen.

1. We are all friends.
2. We are all psychotic.
3. We all own EMM Labs equipment.
4. Ooops, How did Bob Crump get in this thread :)
5. We have all made fun of MES.
6. We have all heard the terrible sounds I make when I have kidney stones.

Any outsider would definitely think we are all related and live in West Virginia. :) (No offense to those of you from W.V.)
Hey, at least I have heard the DarTzeel and compared it to other amps, but it has been at least five years ago at a reviewer's place.......Mes always gets picked on as understand his new house is next door to the International Waitress Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.....I don't have EMM gear as been playing with that old DAC/transport again and it is working good enough for me :-) Frank, I want some of whatever you are drinking.....
Hey, I resemble those remarks.

1.I have no friends.
3.I only own 1/2 of any of my gear, EMM Labs included.
4.Who's Bob Crump?
5.Oh, like that's a challenge!
6.The terrible sounds I've heard you make have nothing to do with kidney stones. Irritable Bowel Syndrome of the KIDNEYS? I think not, and won't even charge you for that consult.
7.It's those in WV who should be offended. BTW JT, how is your cousin/girlfriend?
Mes: 7. You mean your mama?
I understand JTinn has been seen wearing the new T-shirt "It's all relative in West Virginia."
No, the other one, what's-his-name.
LOL!! The DarTzeel seems to have gotten lost on this thread. I know most of you STRANGE fellows and you guys are hilarious. What is on the road kill menu for today? Moonshine to wash it down with maybe?

Out here in Iowa we have the best beef in America and I'll stick to that! LOL!!!!
"Last time out I mentioned darTZeel's NHB-108 from Switzerland as the sweetest-sounding solid-state power amplifier I have ever heard." John Marks in Stereophile, Sept. 2003.
HmmmmmmmmmmmI've been thinking HmmmmmmmmmmmmmmDid she say DarTzeel or Darzee? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm What if that REALLY wasen't Jennifer Crock on the phone after all? Could that have been one of JT's relatives from West Virgina masquerading as Jennifer? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Frankg: :)

Crump: Five years ago, huh?

Panorama: My wife thinks I have the best beef in America. :)

Mes: She says yours is second best :)
I'm not privy to all these inside info that you guys share. I'll have to attend your AA (not for alcoholics) meetings so i can join in on the conversation. By the way Jonathan that best beef in America of yours is it mad cow free? Are we having fun or what!

What'cha'll pickin' on us west virginians fo? We's can't help it. Ya'll know that I couldn't let this go with out poking my head in and adding my 0.02 though in my case its probably more like 0.01 :o)

Never before have I seen a product that so few people have heard stir up so much turmoil. And what's this BS that we are well educated!!

To those outsiders, the Jtinn kidney stone moon is not unlike the sound of a moose on its death-bed.
Rafael: :)

Tireboy: :)
What about the forthcoming Dartzeel preamp mentioned in Stereophile? Perhaps that might merit a whole new thread!
No pre-amp from DarTzeel as of yet. Perhaps you're thinking of the pre-amp in pre-production, based upon said noises emanating from "Cletus" Tinn and aptly named FarTspeil. That's WV Hassidic for "flatus maker". I've not heard it, but heard it's human prototype, and it's a real gas. "Is it mule*%$#?"
Mes--your usual perspicuity is not in evidence. I said "forthcoming," if you will consult my post. Maybe you've been darting around too much.
COme on, Mes. Admit it: you have the secret prototype in your special soundroom.
Yes, The preamplifier is under development. A prototype could be ready for the end of this year... Keep an eye!

Hervé Delétraz
Here I thought it was five years ago when I heard the amp and it was only two years ago! We curmudgeons have trouble with time.......
I am very interested in listening to the Dart. Hope to soon.
Well guys i have now had my new Dartzeel NHB-108 model one playing for >90 hrs. Wow, even at this early stage of break-in this is a fine instrument! Speed, speed, speed to absolutely effortlessly dance with the music at every turn. The resolution, clarity, tonality and layering of all musical notes from top to bottom is outstanding and true to live. There is plenty of juice here to play all frequencies with authority in my system consisting of Kharma Midi Grands, Meitnerized Phillips SACD 1000 and the DCC2. I'll continue to listen and keep you posted.

I understand several Dartzeels may be darting up to the Midwest soon.
The Darts have landed here in the Midwest. I only have one hooked up right now--the cables necessary to hook up both are being built--but everything Aponter4 says about them is right on the money. These are VERY special products.