darTZeel new mono blocks - coming soon

I heard a bit back that darTZeel would be coming out with mono blocks, well are they? Anyone have any information regarding these and if so when and what specifically will they be.
Dev, Contact Jonathon Timm. He is the US importer.
That would be Tinn, as in Tinn ear.
Thanks I know of Jonathon but I was looking for information from others.
In this one instance, Viridian is accurate.
Yes Jonathon Tinn is correct. Spelling error on my part.
Viridian is one of the most knowledgeable people here on Audiogon. While he's also the flat out funniest guy here, do not underestimate his knowledge, experience, and perspective.

I might be wrong, but isn't Mr. Tinn's first name, Jonathan, not Jonathon (like marathon, telethon, agathon)?